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JioTV for Android TV/Smart TV Free Download 2024

Jio TV for Android TV: Hi folks, Happy to welcomes to our Jio guide blog. Do you want to watch JioTV on your android smart tv? then you need to read and follow the complete post. Here in this post, we provide you the details about JioTV and how to install it on Android TV?. Do you know millions of users have started using Jio since Reliance launched the Jio network in a short period of time? Jio is one of the leading networking company India because of its features and value-added services. This Jio comes with free data and free voice so Most of the people using Jio apps compared to all other apps. Jio released many service apps for free to its customers like JioTV, Jio Cinema, Jio Music, Jio chat and my Jio app, etc. If you are an android user then you can use the Jio TV app via the Google Play Store.
Jiotv for android tv
Jiotv for android tv
There are many television applications in the Internet market today but Jio TV is completely free though. Moreover, Jio TV looks better than other applications. Jio TV has millions of users. Jio TV is also capable of running with a low internet connection. You can also view your favorite programs without any interruption. Now we will see more detail about the Jio TV app and the Jio TV for Android TV.

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What is JioTV App?

jio tv for smart tv
Jio TV app is an entertainment application that is launched by Reliance Jio. Reliance Jio provides unlimited data connection so to engage their customers with their network reliance released free service apps like Jio TV. This is the app used for entertainment. This app has everything like live TV, Movies, the channel shows, and videos. Found in more than fifteen languages. The Jio TV app has over 500+ channels in that over 60+ HD channels available free. The app includes packages for kids, news channels, music channels, movie channels and so on.. Reliance Jio has launched the Jio TV app for all platform devices now this app is available for all platform devices like Jio phone, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Blackberry, etc. 

Jio TV Web Version is also available but it is under construction so I hope it will work very soon. If you wanted to use Jio TV on your PC and laptop, you can use Jio TV Web Version but that is not working right now you need to use the mobile app in your pc with the help of emulator software. Okay, before download and install tv app let's look at the main features of the Jio TV for smart TV.

Features of the Jio TV for Android TV:

The Jiotv app has many features here we have mentioned few best features so please read all features and try to use all features listed below.

Jio tv features and options
  • There are many features available in the JioTV app you can watch your favorite shows and movies anytime, anywhere is you have Jio network connection or Jio ID and password.
  • The bookmark and the reminder options will help you to watch your favorite program without fail.
  • Easy to create a list of your favorite programs on the Jio TV app.
  • You can easily manage your channels. Jio TV has more than 15 languages those are Tamil, English, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Urdu, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali and Hindi.
  • You have the option of selecting the language you need.
  • The Jio TV app has over 525+ channels and over 60 channels are HD. 
  • JioTV app has various categories of channels like news channels, children's channels, music channels, movies.
  • Jio TV app is a popular online live streaming application and it has a feature to store live programs for up to 7 days so you can watch it later.
  • Because of its quality, it has reached millions of users in a short time.
  • Jio offers a much faster Internet connection than any other network. Start using the Jio network and get all free features.
These are all the main features of Jiotv for android smart tv. Now will see more detail on how to use JioTV for Android TV.

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Download JioTV for Android TV:

Android TV is similar to Android mobile with a bigger screen. This Android TV will have all the features of Android Mobile. Android mobile is only used by the individual. But everyone in the family can benefit by using Android TV. Watching movies together with the family can be a lot of fun. This JioTV android app can be installed just like on Android mobile. Everyone loves using Android Smart TV to watch programs and movies in various applications like Jio TV. If you want to watch live TV shows without any hassle, you should install Jio TV on Android TV. Jio provides you with the fastest internet connection. It has 600+ channels and over 60+ HD channels. And since there are more than 15 languages available in this app, it is easy to select the language you want and watch the shows. Installing Jio TV for Android TV is a simple task. Installing applications on Android TV is as simple as installing it on Android Mobile. Now, will look at the steps to install Jio TV on Android smart TV.

Installing Jio TV for Android TV

You can install the Jio TV app on your Android TV in two ways both the ways are best to choose your favorite way and follow the steps below.
  • Google Play Store
  • Official Website

Install JioTV on Android TV via Google Play Store:

  • Once you connect the internet to your Android TV, open the Google Play Store App on your android smart tv.
jiotv for android tv gif
  • Now Type "Jio TV" app in the top search bar and hit the search option.
  • Click on the available Jio TV app and let it download and install it on your Android TV.
  • Jio TV is a free app so you can start using it on your Android TV by sign-in with the Jio ID and password. 
  • Now watch Jio TV and share your experience with us.

Install JioTV for Android TV Through the Official Website:

  • Once you have connected your Android TV to the Internet, you should go to Jio TV's official website, or download Jio TV apk file from the link below,
  • To install apk file apart from the Google play store you need to enable unknown source options in the below steps. Settings--> Security option--> Unknown Sources enable this option.
  • After you have changed the settings now you need to allow the downloaded Jio TV apk file on your Android TV.
  • Once the installation process completes just open and starts using the Jio tv on android tv using your Jio login credentials 
  • It is a free application so you can start using it right away.
These are all the methods to download and install the JioTv app on Android smart TV. 


You can install Jio TV for Android TV in two ways. Jio TV comes with many features. The channels and programs that you see in the instant for free of cost. Most people watch home TV shows via the Jio TV app on Android TV instead of a normal TV. New Movies & TV Shows With more than fifteen languages, you can instantly watch the shows you want to watch. We hope you will benefit from this  Jio TV guide. If you have any queries please let us know in the below comment section. Thank you for your visit guys.

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