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LYF Jio Boot Key For All Models Flashing 2024 - 100% Working

LYF Jio Boot Key: Every Jio Boot Key is now available. Today we will give All Jio Boot keys for flashing. Most Jio keypad phones operate on Qualcomm & SPD-based CPU and offer "emergency download mode" or "EDL mode". This EDL mode/download mode is extremely useful if your device is bricked and you are unable to unbrick your Jio phone using the ADB command. If you have a Jio feature phone that is built on Qualcomm chipsets and wish to unbrick any Xiaomi device, you may use the boot key to  Jio phones into EDL mode. Simply said, the boot key is a key that allows you to access a device driver and install firmware on your phone.

LYF Jio Boot Key
LYF Jio Boot Key

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All LYF Jio Boot Key:

Jio has released over 20 keypad phones, and all of them can be flashed using a flash tool such as UMT, miraculous, SPD update tool, or QFIL by tapping the appropriate boot key.

JIO Mobile Boot Keys
Jio F120b * & #
Jio F220b * & #
Jio F221s * & #
Jio F50y UP Dpad + Down Dpad (Center key)
Jio F101K Press 3 key
Jio F41t Press 1 key
Jio F30c UP Dpad + Down Dpad (Center key)
Jio F90m UP Dpad + Down Dpad (Center key)
Jio LF2403 * & #
Jio LF2402 Power Key
Jio LF2401 Power Key
Jio F81E 2+5 KEY to suppress.
Jio F61F ACCEPT KEY to suppress
Jio F27i * & #
Jio F10Q EDL MODE * & # KEY
Jio F210Q * & #
Jio LF-2403S * & #
Jio F271i * & #
Jio F320B * Boot Key
Jio LF-2403N EDL MODE * # KEY

The Steps Required In Pressing The Boot Key

  • Turn off your phone, remove the battery, and replace it.

  • Hold down the choose button and connect the USB wire from the mobile to the computer.
  • The flashing procedure starts once you release the choose button.

Final Words:

This concludes our discussion about All LYF Jio Boot Key of Jio Devices. EDL mode, also known as download mode, is required for Jio devices. In this post, we will go through several ways to enable EDL mode and download mode on LYF Jio mobiles for different conditions. 

we hope these LYF Jio boot keys are very useful to you. keep following for more jio boot keys updates. Thank you for visiting my site.

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