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How to Watch JioTV On Chromecast?- JioTV Chromecast Support 2024

Watch JioTV On Chromecast: Hi first of all happy to welcomes you guys to our Jio guide blog. Are you checking for the way to use Jiotv by using Chromecast? Then you are landed in the right place and you are referring to the right content. This post is all about the Jio Tv app and how to use JioTV on Chromecast? Nowadays movies, TV shows, reality programs, and similar entertainments are much needed for everyone on the big screen. Most of the peoples are searching for the way to use Jio tv by using Chromecast. JioTV is the most downloaded entertainment application in the google play store. Now you can also enjoy the JioTv on Chromecast. We know JioTV is a mobile TV application but we are mostly looking the way to enjoy the entertainment on a big screen with our family and friends. For users like you, we made this guide. okay, let's see more details about the JioTv app on Chromecast.
JioTV on Chromecast
JioTV on Chromecast
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About JioTV App On Chromecast:

There are many tv applications are available in the app store but Jio TV plays a major role in online television. JioTV is one of the online best online live TV streaming application which provides HD channels and movies for Jio users. Jio TV supports more than 15 languages so you can watch your regional programs easily. You can easily select any languages and watch your favorite tv shows, movies and more. Jio Tv provides more 550 channels and above 60 HD channels for the users. This app made more than 100 million installs only on the Google play store. It also provides a pause and playback options, It will be useful for us to continue the programs to watch completely at your convenient time. Chromecast is a digital audio and video player developed by Google. It will get works on HDMI dongles. You can use it with a personal computer to play internet streaming programs through web apps. You can also connect the Chromecast device to your smart TV and watch JioTV easily. Before going to the steps of Jio Tv on Chromecast just look at the feature of the JioTV app. You can watch JioTV on the below devices.

Advanced Features of JioTV for Chromecast:

The are many advanced features are available on JioTv on Chromecast and here we have listed a few best features.
  • The JioTV supports more than 15 languages such as Tamil, English, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Malayalam, Gujarathi, Kannada, Punjabi, Marathi, etc. Just choose your language from the list and you can enjoy the local TV program on your screens.
  • Jio Tv on Chromecast saves up to 7 days programs on memory, so you will never miss your regular watching programs.
  • There are also Bookmark options in this app to look back to your favorite programs.
  • You can make a reminder of your favorite programs so you will get notifications for your favorite TV shows or movies.
jiotv for chromecast
  • Jio Tv Chromecast is providing the lock screen option, It will help to watch your programs with any interrupt. Using the cast features you will get both video and audio clearly.
  • If you connect the JioTV app on Chromecast still you can also attend your calls, message and use other apps at the time of watching the live programs on TV.
  • This app also provides an option to share your favorite programs on your social network with family, and friends.
  • You can also set the video quality for watching programs that belong to our internet speed.
  • You can watch live and browse/use any other apps simultaneously by dragging and docking the player. Just one tap of sports live and highlights in your 'sports tab' and set the reminder you will never miss it.
These all are the main features of Jio Tv on Chromecast. Let us look at the process of using Jio Tv casting on TV.
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Watch JioTv by Using Chromecast Methods 1:

  • First of all, to use this method your smartphone should have the casting/mirroring option.
  • Then install JioTv application on your Smartphone, If you want to install JioTv application, Go to google play store and install it directly.

  • Now you need to connect your Chromecast device to your tv.
  • Just click the cast option appear on your smartphone display settings or in the top menu.
  • Once you have to click the Chromecast option the android device will search for the nearby smart tv with cast enabled.
  • Now From the search, you can find and connect your TV with your smartphone. You can use wifi options to connect Chromecast.
  • Just hit the ok button and then you can watch your JioTV programs on the big screen with high-quality video and audio with the help of Chromecast. [Note: There is no extra software needed for this method but when you try to change the channel from your phone it will show retry that time you need reconnect your JioTV app on chromecast].
  • Watch the below video if you have any doubts.
  • This method will not work for some time because the JioTV app disables the cast option so that time you need to use the below method.

How to Use JioTV on Chromecast Method 2:

  • First, you need to download and install the JioTV casting support mod apk file.
  • Open the Google on your smartphone browser and search "JioTV cast mod apk".
  • Now download to from the third-party website and install this app and uninstall the official JioTV app.
  • Once you install the app now use the same above method 1 steps and do the casting option on your smartphone.
  • Now, this JioTV mod apk will allow you to cast the screen with your TV.  [Note: This mod JioTv apk is not an official release so use it with your own risk]
These all the simple ways to watch Jio tv on Chromecast. The Chromecast also supports many other live TV apps so you can watch all on your smart tv.


We have provided the completes details about JioTV, Chromecast and how to use JioTV on Chromecast by using simple methods. We hope that our content will be useful to you guys. Enjoy and share your best experience. Thanking you for visiting and referring to our Jio blog. If you have any queries about the guide please make your comments on the below-given comment boxes.

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