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How to Download Youtube for Jio Phone - 2024 New Update

Youtube for Jio Phone: Hello everyone, Welcome back to our tech blog. Are you using Jio Phone and are you looking for an easy to use Youtube on Jio Phone? Then no more worries, Because this post is all about the features and the simple steps on how to use Youtube on Jio Phone. Youtube is one of the most familiar video enjoying application. It contains movies, serials, drama, songs and more Youtube channels in different categories like tech updates, lifestyles, dress appearance, news, etc. You can enjoy videos on Youtube as free. If you subscribed to a channel you will get notifications about their posts instantly. Jio Phone is one of the fantastic phone launched in India by Reliance. Jio Phone runs under Kaios software. You can enjoy 4G service on these mobile phones at an affordable cost. Jio Phone made a classic hit on selling in India Because their phone has inbuilt with many classic features. Okay, let us look at the Classic feature guide and how to use YouTube on Jio Phone.
youtube for jio phone
youtube for jio phone

About Youtube on Jio Phone:

According to a recent Youtube update, you can enjoy Youtube on Jio Phone. Kaios is the web-based platform that you can use to open the standards such as HTML5, Javascript and CSS. That has made the India foray with Jio Phone in July 2017 and it has gained 15% of the mobile OS market and beating the Apple ios which is second widely used in India. Actually, the Youtube app is already available Jio store. Youtube has more than 5 billion downloads and 4.3 rated applications by users. This application download size is just 25.49 MB.  Youtube is one of the most used video streaming applications around the globe. Okay, let us look at the classic features of Youtube on Jio Phone.
youtube for jio phone
youtube for jio phone

Classic features of Youtube on Jio Phone:

  • You can save a video and watch back later on Youtube.
  • There is a video download option also available, That you can watch the video later with video buffering sate consumption.
  • You can enjoy the Youtube application on mobiles, PC/laptop, tabs, and smart Tv.
  • Youtube is available on web platforms like Kaios, Android, ios, and Windows.
  • You can download the Youtube application on free cost.
  • You can also have browsing history and bookmark option to look back at the watched video without remembering and you can also clear history and bookmarks for your comfort.
  • You can see the latest videos of your favorite channel on the subscription tab.
  • You can also browse to the personal recommendations on the home tab.
  • You can also create a Youtube channel and upload your videos.
  • You can watch many categories of videos like movies, video songs, jukeboxes, trailers, teasers, prank videos, cartoons and more on Youtube.
  • The Jio phone is getting supported by 4G Volte.
  • You can enjoy High-quality video calling experience and crystal clear voice calls on Jio Phone Because you can use only Jio sim on Jio Phone.
  • The Jio Phone has 1.2 GHz dual-core and Spreadtrum SC9820A.
  • Jio Phone has 512 Mb ram, 4 GB Internal memory and you can also expand the memory by using Micro SD(memory card).
  • The rear camera is 2 Megapixel and the front camera is 0.3 megapixel.
  • Jio Phone has a 2000 mah battery capacity.
These all are the classic option available on Youtube on Jio Phone.  Now, look at the quick guide that how to download Youtube on Jio Phone by using below given step by step guide.

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Quick guide for download Youtube on Jio Phone:

  • Just take your Jio Phone and go to the settings,
  • In the settings tab, Move to the software updates,
  • Make sure that your device is running on the latest Kaios update,
  • Then go back from the setting and open to JioApps application,
  • Type Youtube on the search tab and you will find the Youtube app,
  • Then open the application and you will reach a page with the description. Just select the option to install the application.
  • Once the app is getting downloaded, You will see an option to OPEN the application on the same page and there is an alternate way to use the app is to go back to the app drawer, Look for the Youtube app and then select it from there.
  • Once you have open the application, You will get to reachT the home page of the app.
  • The application will like quite similar to what it does in the mobile user with Home, Trending and the profile as three parts at the landing page.
  • The Youtube application also has a search tab option on the top as well.
  • Once if you play the video and place to the cursor on the playing video, Pressing OK will give you three options.
  • These include enabling Full screen, pause, and mute options.
These all the simple steps how to download Youtube on Jio Phone. We hope that you have installed the Youtube on your Jio phone by the given steps.


We have provided the complete-featured guide on how to use Youtube on Jio Phone. You can enjoy movies, video songs, trailers, teasers, serials, and web-series by using Youtube on Jio Phone. Thank you guys for visiting and supporting our Tech blog. Just keep in touch with us to get tech updates and news. If you have any queries about this content please make your comment on the below-given comment section.