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How To Activate Jio Sim In UAE?

Jio Sim In UAE: Hi friends welcome to our post. Are you looking at how to activate jio sim in UAE? Don't worry here in this we guide how to activate a jio sim in UAE. In addition to free roaming in the United States and the United Arab Emirates, the Jio PostPaid Plus plan will also include one rupee in outgoing calls to India from any place outside of India. ISD calling is available on the Jio PostPaid Plus plan at a starting rate of 50 paise per minute.

How To Activate Jio Sim In UAE?
How To Activate Jio Sim In UAE?

Jio, a significant player in the Indian telecom industry, is well-known for providing its customers with inexpensive pack options. In addition, the company offers a service known as international roaming (IR), which enables Jio customers to continue using their Jio SIM cards even when they are traveling to a country that is not India.

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How To Activate Jio Sim In UAE?

Before you leave India, your SIM card has to be set up for foreign roaming before you may use it. During your time in Dubai, you will not be charged to receive texts or calls, but both incoming and outgoing calls will be billed. Even mobile data. In a nutshell, the pack for which you have paid an annual subscription in India will not be applicable in any other nation.

  • Launch the MyJio application. Make your selection under Settings on the options.

  • Choose the "International Roaming" option.
  • Select 'Activate'. Once the International Roaming feature has been enabled on your phone, you will get a notification.

How can I get a Jio signal in the UAE?

My Jio sim card is not showing a network in the UAE.

  • Check that you have adequate credit to support international roaming.
  • Activate international roaming from the app.
  • Attempt manually selecting the network and connecting to DU.
  • Try customer service via chat or email.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I keep my Indian Jio number remain active while I am in Dubai?

Yes. You will be able to use your Jio Sim when you have reloaded it with one of the IR packs that are available on the Jio webpage.

Can we use Indian SIM cards in Dubai?

Hello, sure, it works perfectly in the UAE. You must have activated it once in India with an international roaming plan before entering the UAE; thereafter, you must just top it up.


These are the simple way to activate the jio sim in UAE. So we hope this how to activate jio sim in UAE guide is useful. Then share it with your friends. keep following our page for more jio updates. Thank you.

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