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Jio Set Top Box Price And Plans, Online booking - 2024

Jio Set Top Box: JIO, a networking and communication revolution, is now set to unveil the JIO Set top box, which is even suited for 4K Ultra HD TVs, and will be delivered with a JIO fibre of 1 GB connectivity. By publishing the statement about the JIO Set top box, they increased the number of users by millions. So, in the following essay, I will go through the features and setup of the JIO Set top box in depth.

Jio Set Top Box
Jio Set Top Box

The JIO Set top box comes in royal black. The front side of the JIO Set top box includes a USB port and an LED light view. The look of the JIO Setup box is nice in view, and the size of the box is also modest, so it occupies a little area.

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Features Of JIO Setup Box:

  • 1 HDMI port
  • 1 RJ45 port
  • 2 USB ports
  • cable in port
As we have seen the functions and power & port connections in the JIO set-top box, we will now proceed to the Set-top box configuration.

JIO Set-Top box setup:

  • We connect to the TV using the HDMI wire that came with the set-top box.

  • Turn on both the TV and the Set-top box.
  • As we can see, the TV setup immediately connects to the HDMI port to which the set-top box is attached.
  • If the automated setup does not begin, proceed to the following steps.
  • Take the TV remote and then push the input button.
  • There are now several input possibilities available.
  • Look at the HDMI port number to which the set-top box is attached, and then choose the HDMI port with the same number.
  • Now Jio begins installing, and within a few minutes, TV stations show.

How To Get Jio Set Top Box and Price?

An extra Jio Set Top Box may be purchased for Rs. 5499.

The customer care centre can accept a request to send a Home Care Engineer to your home to deliver & install a Set Top Box.

Please keep in mind that because the extra Set Top Box will be completely held by you after purchase, there will be no return for this device even if the services are discontinued.

Jio Set Top Box Plan:

Reliance Jio has introduced six new JioFiber tariffs for both existing & new postpaid customers.

The plans range in price from Rs 399 to 3,999. Users who choose one of these options will receive a free set-top box & home installation. Beginning April 22, all six user plans will be accessible.

The new postpaid JioFiber plans cost Rs 399, 699,999,1499, 2499, & 3999. When these plans go live later this week, they will be displayed on the authorized website and MyJio app.

Does the Jio set Top box have TV channels?

JioFiber STB includes the most famous Indian television channels. In Jiotv+, you may view live channels from various genres or languages. The table below lists the Live TV channels offered by each of our partners.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Jio set top box customer care number?

Download the MyJio App for online support. Send a WhatsApp hello to 70005 70005. Call JioFiber customer service at 1800-896-9999. Please contact us at

Jio Set Top Box Remote Price?

Approximately the jio set top box remote price is 400 to 800 rupees.

How many TV channels are in Jio set top box?

JioTV now offers 575+ channels and they would continue to add more.

Can Jio set-top box work on normal TV?

Yes, the Jio Set Top Box may be simply moved and linked to a different TV. It may be moved from one room to another and used with other HDMI-enabled display devices. As soon as your Jio Set Top Box is linked to the same JioFiber network, there is no need to re-configure your device.

Jio Set Top Box Channel List:

  • HD Channel

  • Entertainment Channel
  • Movie Channel
  • News Channel
  • Sports Channel
  • Music Channel
  • Kids Cartoon Channel
  • Infotainment Channel
  • Lifestyle Channel


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