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How To Check Jio Number Without App? Step By Step Guide 2024

Check Jio Number: Jio's presence in the consumer's mind and, indeed, the whole market has been marked since its entry. But, if you are a new telecom subscriber, you may have difficulty remembering the new number. This guide can help you find your Jio number. Here are a few simple ways to check the Jio number. You may have received a new Jio SIM Card and have forgotten the number. Whatever your purpose, Cashify has 5 simple ways for you to check your Jio number. You must have a Jio Sim Card linked to your mobile device and basic network connectivity to use any of these ways.

How To Check Jio Number Without App?
How To Check Jio Number Without App?

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How To Check Jio Number Without App?

Finding your Jio number is an easy task thanks to various services hosted by Network Providers like Jio, such as USSD Dial Codes, Mobile Apps, IVR Calls, SMS reverts, and live customer care, all of which are just a few taps & clicks away to provide you with all the useful details about the jio Number that you require at any time.

Check Jio Number Without App Using Jio USSD Codes:

  • Open the dial pad and type*1# for First Sim. or *2# for the second Sim.

  • Instead, you can call 1299.
  • You can get a pop-up or receive a message containing your current Jio cell number!

Check Jio Number Without App Using SMS:

While there is no special Customer Care SMS code to Check jio mobile number you may SMS your Jio Plan information, which also reveals your current mobile number.

  • Open the Messaging app.

  • Type "MYPLAN" and send it to 199.
  • You will receive a text message with your Mobile Number, account balance, and plan information.

Check Jio Number Using Customer Support:

  • With your Jio mobile number, contact the Jio customer service number at 1800 889 9999 / 1991.
  • You will be connected to the IVR service, where you may choose your favourite language.
  • Choose your preferred language and press the correct key, following which the IVR will announce your available Data balance & Plan validity.
  • Hit the correct key to speak with a customer service professional who can provide you with your jio number as well as many other alternatives on the call.

Call your Friend:

Take a friend or family member's phone number, and ring it from your mobile. People will be able to see the number that is calling their device.

Check Jio Number Using Myjio App:

  • Install MyJio App for phones that do not already have the app.

  • Launch the MyJio App and select 'Sign in with SIM.'
  • The top of the screen will display your Jio Mobile Number.
This approach necessitates the use of active mobile data on your Jio Sim Card. The MyJio App is accessible on both the Google Play and Apple App Stores. Simple procedures to check your Jio cellphone number.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you check my Jio SIM is active or not?

  • If your phone displays network bars & 4G connectivity, your SIM card is operational.
  • You can also contact Jio's toll-free customer service (18008899999)


These are the simple way to check jio number without app. we hope this information is useful to check jio number without app. If you like this how to check jio number without app post please share it with your friends. Keep following for more jio updates.

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