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Jio Tower 5G & 4G - How To Apply For Jio Tower Installation?

Jio Tower: Hi folks welcome to our page. Jio Tower is now visible everywhere. If you wish to earn extra money as a Jio network partner, you can apply for Jio tower installation on your land or building. Jio's goal is to deliver a high-quality network to users across India. As a result, Jio is constantly attempting to establish Jio towers throughout India. On this page, you will learn all there is to know about Jio towers, how to apply for Jio towers, Reliance Jio tower installation, rent, and so on.

Jio Tower Installation
Jio Tower Installation

When you have room, a structure, or a plot for a Jio tower, take advantage of the chance to become a Jio network partner. You may apply for a Jio tower, and Jio will place a Jio network tower and pay you a nice sum of money as Jio tower rent after checking your plot, location, and building specifications.

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 Jio 5G Tower Installation Process:

  • In such a location, the signal should be feeble.
  • There are enough individuals in that area.
  • The roof area should be 600 square feet, and the open space should be 2000 square feet.
  • You must have a valid ID, a bank account, and land ownership.
  • Then you may call a Jio regional office or approach them with the assistance of Kate model Consultants. The income is fixed throughout India at Rs. 7000 per month, which indicates that at least 7000 persons in that region should have a Jio connection.

Jio Tower Installation Benefits:

Jio Tower Installation
Jio Tower Installation

  • There are numerous advantages to having a suitable property for Jio tower installation.
  • Jio will provide you with a consistent monthly income. The rent for your home.
  • If you own a building, the roof is no longer in use. Installing a Jio tower on the roof of your building will provide you with extra income.
  • Additional revenue for your plot where you no longer intend to build a home or use it for agriculture.

Jio Tower Installation Eligibility:

Some of the criteria and conditions that your property and the owner must satisfy in order to have a Jio mobile tower installed on your property are as follows. Only after a thorough examination will you be granted permission to put a Jio tower on your property.

  • If the property is in a rural region, it should be at least 2500 sq ft.

  • If you have a plot in the city, it should be at least 2000 square feet in size.
  • There should be no Jio towers within 100 meters of your location.
  • If you have a building top terrace, it should have at least 500 sq ft of area for Jio tower construction.

How Much Jio Pays For A Tower Installation?

You will be paid handsomely as Jio tower rentals for your property. Depending on your location, you might earn between 15 thousand to 30 thousand per month through Jio tower rent. Specifically, whether your property is in a rural or urban setting.

If you own a Jio tower property in an urban location or near a large town with a high concentration of Jio subscribers, you will receive the highest rent. The Jio reliance tower installation department will have all of the facts regarding Jio tower rent.

After you have applied for a Jio tower online, you will be contacted by an executive.

How To Apply For Jio Tower Installation?

On Jio's official website, you should apply for Jio tower installation. It is really simple to apply for a Jio tower online. You must fill out an online application form with the requested information and then submit it. Jio tower installation will review your application and notify you as soon as possible.

  • To apply for a Jio mobile tower in your area, visit the Jio official website and register as a Jio partner. The URL for the online site is
  • A Jio tower application is available online. You must input some information about the property where you want to install the Jio tower.
  • After inputting your property information, you will be led to another page where you may enter the location. To locate the location on Google Maps, input the pin code into the box given.

  • Then you must input your contact information to generate an OTP in order to provide further information.
  • Sign up using a mobile phone and an OTP, and by validating the mobile number, you will only get another window to provide more personal information. The purpose of this OTP login method is to decrease spam applications.

  • After entering your OTP, you will be taken to another page where you must enter your personal information such as your name, email id, home address with pin code, cellphone number, address proof data, and so on.
  •  Fill out the Jio tower installation request form completely, then click the "submit" button to submit the application.

 Required Documents For Jio Tower Installation?

You must follow all of the legal requirements and procedures outlined in the Telecom Directorate's guidebook.

  • Land papers.
  • Land survey report.
  • Valid ID proof of owner.
  • Interest letter from the owner.
  • NOC from the concerned Civic body.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I check Jio tower near me?

Using the Jio Coverage App is one way to achieve this goal. Once you have the app installed, it will display all of the towers in your vicinity along with their respective signal strengths.

Is it safe to install Jio tower?

These towers have only one spectrum of radiation occurring from each tower, making it straightforward to regulate and ensure that the exposure from each tower site is well under the specified limit.

Is it OK to live near a tower?

Low-frequency non-ionizing radiation, on the other hand, is a health risk. When the human body is exposed to it for extended periods of time, it may also create health problems such as cancer and brain tumors.

Jio Tower Rent In Village Contact Number:

50000 to 60000 rupees per month to the people who let a tower be built on their land.

Toll Free      - 1800 11 2211
Toll Free      - 1800 425 3800
Chargeable  -  080-26599990   

Final Words:

This is all you need to know about installing a Jio tower on your property. You don't need to know anything; simply accept the money that is part of Jio tower rent.

All the other tower maintenance and technical issues are handled by Jio Reliance Communication. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section.

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