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How To Port Jio To Airtel? New Updates

Jio To Airtel: Hi friends welcome to our post. Do you want to port Jio to Airtel? The telecom provider provides a simple portability solution that allows you to migrate from Jio to Airtel without changing your current cell number. It is really straightforward and easy to port any number to Airtel. You would need your Aadhaar id details or any acceptable ID evidence to move your SIM to Airtel prepaid. According to Airtel's official website, the Mobile Number Portability process (MNP)  is straightforward and takes one or two days to complete.

How To Port Jio To Airtel?
How To Port Jio To Airtel?

So, if you want to switch from your current number to Airtel, below is a step-by-step method you should follow. Notably, all Jio, Vi, BSNL, and other users will be allowed to port jio to Airtel without changing their mobile numbers.

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Jio to Airtel port offer 2022:

  • porting amenities available at no additional cost.

  • SIM card delivery on the same day it was ordered.
  • Doorstep Know Your Customer checks through agents.
  • The initial recharge must be at least Rs. 297 if you want it to be good for 28 days.
  • Access to a wide variety of third-party applications that stream content online.

How To Port Jio To Airtel?

With the MNP service, existing SIM connections may be easily ported. To port Jio to Airtel, users must make an SMS request to their telecom provider. 
Here is the whole procedure for submitting porting requests to your telecom provider.

  • Open your phone's messaging app.

  • Begin a fresh discussion with "1900."
  • Enter 'PORT' followed by 'your cellphone number' and send the SMS.
  • After the message has been delivered, you will get an SMS containing a UPC associated with your porting request. (UPC stands for 'unique porting code.')
  • After receiving the SMS containing your UPC, go to the nearest Airtel shop.
  • Request assistance from the customer service representative at the Airtel shop with the procedures.
  • The customer service representative will request your documentation (Aadhar card/PAN card/Voter ID and a passport-sized image).
  • After the papers have been validated, you must pay the portability charge.
  • The store operator will finish the procedure and issue you a new Airtel sim card. The porting procedure typically takes five to seven days to finish.

How To Port Jio To Airtel Without Sending Sms?

  • Customers can switch service providers using Airtel's Mobile Number Portability service without changing their phone numbers. 

  • So, if you're wondering how to move Jio to Airtel without sending an SMS, go to the website. 
  • Users may port Jio to Airtel by visiting the Airtel official website, & app, or physically visiting an Airtel shop and seeking an MNP facility.

What Documents Are Required For SIM Porting?

In order to migrate a number from  Jio to airtel, users would need to provide an address proof, which can be any one of the following.

  • Voter ID

  • Pan Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Driver's License

In order to transfer your number, you will also need to provide a picture that is passport-sized.

Port Jio to Airtel Eligibility: 

  • Before submitting a request for portability through the MNP service, there is just one need that you need to ensure you have satisfied.
  • Before a user may submit an application for mobile number portability, the user's current SIM card must have been activated and utilized for a length of time greater than ninety days.
  • If the number has only recently been transferred to the present telecom network, then another porting request that you try to submit will fail, and you will not receive a UPC in response to your SMS request.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many days take to port Jio to Airtel?

According to government laws, if you port in inside the same telecom circle, the phone number will be activated after three working days of successful validation. It may take up to five business days to move a number to a different telecom circle.

Jio to airtel port charges?

There are no charges or fees for Jio port number facilities. The entire procedure is completely free of charge.

Do we have to recharge after porting?

Once the number has been port Jio to Airtel, prepaid customers must make their initial recharge of Rs. 297.

Is SMS to 1900 chargeable?

The only problem is that consumers will have to take money out of their talk time balances to pay for these SMS messages.

Can I get UPC code online?

Sending the SMS PORT(Space) Number to 1900 will create a Unique Porting Code (UPC). The code will then be sent to you over SMS from 1901. Please keep in mind that the code is only good for 4 days. Please keep in mind that the Unique Porting Code is only valid for 30 days in Jammu and Kashmir and the North Eastern states.

Final words:

The porting procedure, which was formerly a laborious and time-consuming process, is now become quite simple as technology has advanced and internet connectivity has increased. When it comes to how to port Jio to Airtel, you may now do it through the website or the app, especially if you don't want to visit the offline shop.

All you need is evidence of address and a passport-sized picture. If you don't want to utilize the website or app, you may still port your number from Jio to Airtel by SMS. Keep following for more port jio to airtel updates.

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