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How To Use Jio Phone Sim In Smartphone? 2024 New Update

Jio Phone Sim In Smartphone: If you have a Jio Phone and wish to move your SIM card to a smartphone with many smart features? Then this is the article for you. In this essay, I'll describe how to use Jio phone SIM in smartphones?

Here's all you need to know about converting the Jio Phone SIM to use in a smartphone. We all know that the Jio phone has restricted functionality. Generally to make calls, send messages, enjoy tunes, etc. A smartphone, on the other hand, gives you access to an infinite number of features and functions.

Jio phones come with a Jio SIM card pre-installed, although the Jio SIM card may be uninstalled. It is installed in a SIM slot on the Jio phone.

How To Use Jio Phone Sim In Smartphone?
How To Use Jio Phone Sim In Smartphone?

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Is It Possible To Use Jio Phone SIM on A Smartphone?

We may obviously utilise the Jio SIM card on a Jio phone or a smartphone. When you purchase a Jio phone, it comes with a Jio sim card placed inside it. That's a regular SIM card with a 4G function installed. We already know that all Jio SIMs are 4G SIM cards. So, by inserting an unmounted Jio SIM card from a Jio phone, a 4G smartphone may be utilized. However, we cannot use the Jio phone SIM on a 3G phone because it only supports 3G technology.

Simply said, you may use the Jio SIM from the Jio phone with every smartphone that supports 4G and VoLTE.

How To Use Jio Phone SIM In Smartphone?

  • It is possible to utilise the Jio phone SIM card on a smartphone. Switch off the smartphone. For starters, you have to remove the SIM card from the  Jio phone and place it into the Android or iOS-enabled smartphone.

  • Make sure that you are placing the Jio phone SIM in the VoLTE SIM port on the android smartphone.
  • After installing the Jio phone SIM card, switch on the smartphone.
  • The smartphone will seek the network and will get instantly registered onto the Jio network.
  • In addition, the Jio network will immediately configure the optimum Jio APN settings on your phone in order for you to enjoy the high-speed 4G network.
  • After registering the Jio SIM on the phone with the Jio 4G network, you may use the smartphone and the Jio phone SIM to make high-quality audio calls, video calls, messages, browse the internet, and so on.

How Can I Access The MyJio App From Smartphone?

  • It's the same as when users are signed in to the MyJio app. Login processes in the MyJio app use an OTP mechanism.
  • Insert the SIM on the smartphone   Then, go ahead download & install the MyJio app.
  • Then, following the one-time password approach, log in to the MyJio app.
  • OTP will be provided to the inserted Jio SIM number, after entering the OTP, you will be able to access the MyJio app dashboard and control all aspects of your Jio account.

Is A Jio Plan Needed To Use The Jio Phone SIM With A Smartphone?

  • You don't need to activate any specific plan to utilize the Jio phone SIM on a smartphone.
  • What offer you have taken for the Jio phone SIM, the same offer could enjoy on the smartphone.
  • If you are required to experience more deals, you can do. Because after you have installed the Jio phone SIM into your smartphone, you will be able to utilize various Jio applications such as Jio TV APK, JioSaavn app, JioCinema app, and many more third-party apps.
  • As a result, you may not have enough data to utilize all of these apps. As a result, you may adjust the offers accordingly.
You may do a prime membership if you want to enjoy more benefits and deals from Jio after reset the Jio SIM to the smartphone on the Jio phone. Many deals are available when you activate a premier plan.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why My Jio Phone SIM Does Not function with my Android Phone?

Check that your Android phone has a VoLTE 4G SIM card.
There are several Android phones on the market that only have 3G capabilities. So, if you have one of these Android phones, the Jio phone SIM will never operate on it. Because the Jio SIM is entirely reliant on a 4G VoLTE connection.

What is an eSIM card?

An eSIM is a SIM card that is incorporated in the phone's motherboard. It operates on the same networks as normal SIM cards, so there isn't much of a difference in how they work once you've set up your number and plan.


Finally, I must describe the entire topic in a phrase. You may just utilize the SIM on the Jio phone in a smartphone Simply take the SIM card from the Jio phone's SIM slot and place it into the VoLTE SIM slot of the smartphone, whether Android or iOS. Log in to MyJio with your Jio number to control everything Jio.

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