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My Jio Call History, How to Get Jio Call History Details In 2024?

Jio Call History: Reliance Jio is the largest telecom operator, and it is constantly gaining new consumers. Indeed, the organisation will get more subscribers as a result of its appealing features and services. As a result, we'll tell you about one of its greatest features: the ability to check your jio call history online. The function lets you view the history of your data, calls, and SMS messages using the My Jio app.

Jio Call History Details
Jio Call History Details

With limitless calling services and a lot of data to manage, keeping track of our jio call history may be tough at times. And there are situations when we need to review our jio call details for professional or personal reasons. In such cases, we frequently question how to check Jio call history. In a few simple steps, you may check your jio call history online.

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How To Check Jio Call History?

  • First, verify and login to the My Jio application using your Jio number.

  • Now, on the screen, press on the Statement.
  • Next, pick the dates by tapping on the View Now option.
  • Next, click on use costs, where you'll find all three choices, including Data, Voice, and SMS.
  • Next, you must click on the Voice section to view information about your calls.
The function provides you with two more options: you may download the statement or request an email with extra information. Furthermore, the organisation permits you to contact customer support to have this service performed.

To obtain the information, call 198 and provide the specific date. You must provide basic information, which they will check. After validating the information, customer service representatives will disclose the call history and tape. Aside from this service, the business also lets you view the jio call history of other numbers.

How To Check Jio Call History Of Another Number?

  • Log in to My Jio Account, then click the Go to a New Account option.
  • You then wrote another Jio number to check out more information.
  • Once completed, you will be sent an OTP; after inputting the OTP, you must link the accounts.
  • You'll then notice three options calls, data and SMS.
  • After that, you must click on the voice portion to view the call history.

How To Check Jio Call history Details of last 30 days?

If you want to see the Jio call history detail for the previous 30 days or for a certain time period, you may utilise the My statement area of the MyJio app.

  • In the upper right corner of the MyJio app, tap the Menu bar.
  • Then, on the navigation bar, select the My statement tab.
  • You should now see two date drop-down menus. Now enter the dates for which date you want the statement. Specify the starting date in the first drop-down and the ending date in the second.
  • You then have three choices: View statement, Download statement, and Email statement,
  • Choose your preferred choice, view it, and then press the submit button.
  • Then, on the top bar, press the use charges button, pick a voice, and then click here to access the Jio call history details.

How To Get Jio Calls History Of Jio Linked Numbers?

  • You may view the call history of Jio numbers linked to your MyJio app. To obtain the information, navigate to the associated Jio account in the MyJio app.
  • A one-time password will then be provided to the associated Jio mobile number through SMS so that you may view the call history.
  • Enter the obtained OTP in the supplied space to obtain Jio call history, data use history, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I recover my deleted call history?

On an Android device that is at least a couple years old, follow these steps: Reset your phone > opt to recover Google Drive backup during the startup process > follow the display screen directions to complete recovering and restoring all call logs.

How can I get Jio 6 Month call history?

  • Using the MyJio application:
  • Login to MyJio.
  • Select 'My Statement' from the options.
  • Set the beginning and ending dates.
  • To produce the statement, use the 'View' button. You may also get the same thing in PDF format.

How to get call history of jio number?

To get the information, all you have to do is call 198 and say the date. You will need to give them some basic information, which they will then check. Customer service reps will share the call history and recording after they have checked the details.


Jio call history details will assist you to recall certain events in your life. You may also retrieve phone numbers that you have previously used but have not stored on your phone. If you need that cell number after a few days and it has been wiped from your phone call logs, don't worry, simply click on Jio statements and Jio call history to get it. Call history in Jio might be quite useful in this manner.

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