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Jio F220B Charging Jumper Problem Solution - 100 % Working 2024

Jio F220B Charging Jumper: Hi folks welcome to my blog. Here's how to fix Jio F220B Charging Jumper Problem. When you plug in the charging jack and nothing happens, it means the charging jack is malfunctioning. So, if feasible, replace the Jio F220B charger and try again with the original charger. 

Jio F220B Charging Jumper
Jio F220B Charging Jumper

If Jio F220B Charging Solution includes charger replacement, it is satisfactory. In the second scenario, you should check the Jio F220B battery since it can also be the reason for Jio F220B not charging or the Jio F220B charger not functioning.

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How To Solve Jio F220B Charging Jumper Problem?

  • If nothing of the following solutions resolves the charging issue, Jio F220B disassembly is necessary.
  • After disassembling the smartphone for the charging solution, thoroughly examine all of the parts depicted in the diagram above.
  • If there is rust, carbon, or water damage on the LYF Jio F220B motherboard, clean it. After cleaning the motherboard, apply some heat to allow it to dry.

Jio F220B Charging Jumper
Jio F220B Charging Jumper

  • Above is a photo of the Jio F220B charging system.
  • If the charging section's line is missing, as illustrated above, he can address the problem with the jumper by glancing at the image.
  • And if the charging area becomes too short, you may solve the charging issue by removing some of the parts that are supposed to be removed.

Common Issues OF Jio F220B Charging:

The most prevalent reasons for charging issues and other battery-related difficulties, such as the grey battery issue, on the LYF Jio F220B, are detailed below.

  • Sunken device sockets
  • Bent/broken connection

  • A phone was a fault from the outlet.
  • Fault battery
  • Damaged charging device or cord
  • The phone is broken.
  • Temporary Problem with the battery

Replacement of the motherboard is essential if corrosion, carbon, water damage, or any other component failure has occurred. The jumper is used when a track is missing, and a replacement component is installed when one is broken or damaged.


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