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Jio F220 Mic Jumper Solution - 100% Worked

Jio F220 Mic Jumper: Hi folks welcome to our post. If you are experiencing a Mic issue with your Jio F220B, this post is for you. I've taught you how to use a jumper to simply address the Mic ways problem on this phone. If the problem is still not fixed after changing the Mic, check the Mic track; if the Mic track is absent, place the jumper as indicated in the photo, and your problem will be solved.

Jio F220 Mic Jumper
Jio F220 Mic Jumper

How To Fix Jio F220 Mic Jumper?

Hello, I'll be discussing the Jio f220b mic jumper problem here. I'd want to notify you first whether you want to use a digital microphone with this. I've already posted a video on YouTube. You may accomplish this by viewing the video.

You may accomplish this by viewing the video above and then follow the link to install a digital microphone. And, if you wish to use a universal mic, or if the lines in your mic have been overlooked or lost for whatever reason, a picture of how to discover those lines and remedy the mic problem with the jumper is shown below. You may do so by glancing at that image. I've detailed how to fix this problem step by step below.

  • First, open the phone, and then remove the old microphone.

  • Clear the points and the area where the microphone is positioned once you open it.

Note: Please keep in mind that we test all of our solutions before sharing them. However, we shall not be held liable if your device is damaged during the repair procedure. As a result, utilize the information provided here at your own risk.


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