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Jio Petrol Pump Dealership 2024 Apply Online|Dealership Cost|Contact Number

Jio Petrol Pump Dealership: Hi friends welcome to this blog. In this post, we will provide you with all of the necessary information regarding the JIO-BP Filling Station Franchise, including eligibility requirements, investment costs, distributorship advertisements, and how to apply for the JIO Petrol Pump Dealership. RBML is a partnership between two well-known companies, Reliance Industries Limited and BP. The joint venture, which operates under the "Jio-bp" brand, intends to become a dominant player in India's energy and transportation industries.

Jio Petrol Pump Dealership
Jio Petrol Pump Dealership
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JIO-BP Petrol Pump Franchise/Dealership

It's common knowledge that Mr Mukesh Ambani owns JIO, one of India's most successful telecoms. Although it is the newest provider of telecommunications services, the public has taken to it very well. In recent months, JIO has extended its business operations to include the petrochemical industry. By the end of the month of October, JIO-BP had established its first mobility unit in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Additional states are planned for future expansion.

Name JioBP Petrol Pump Dealership
Franchise Cost Minimum 25 Lakhs
How to Apply Online
Profit Margin 5-10%
Age Limit 21 -55 yr
Owned By Reliance Industries
Official Website www.jiobp.com
JIO has decided to join forces with British Petroleum and start its own business. The whole price tag for this deal comes in at almost $1 million. In this venture, Reliance owns 49 percent of the partnership. As a result of this project, 3,500 additional gas stations would open up in different parts of India. You can find out whatever you want to know about RBML if you have any interest in doing so.

JIO Petrol Pump Franchise Eligibility Criteria:

Every firm has its own terms and conditions for anyone who wishes to become a dealer and operate their own business. As a result, some criteria for the JIO BP petrol station are listed below.

  • To apply for a JIO fuel pump dealership, you must first verify your personal information and land location.

  • You should between the age of 21 - 60.
  • You should budget between 75 lakhs and 2 crore rupees for your investment.
  • If we look at the land need, we can see that it is around 30000 square feet or 3000 square meters of land needed to open a fuel pump.
  • You own the land outright or have a lease for at least 20 years.
  • If you meet the company's eligibility requirements, you will be able to simply obtain a JIO filling station dealership.

How To Jio Petrol Pump Dealership Apply Online?

  • Go to the Reliance Business Enquiry website.

  • Your screen will display the main page; click on the business Enquiries section. The page with the registration form will display on the screen.
  • After that, input your phone number, name, residence, state name, and ID card.

  • Next, choose your City Name and current business.
  • After completing the preceding steps, write a summary about yourself or leave a comment in the description box.
  • Finally, enter the captcha & press the submit button.
  • After completing the form, wait for a response. The officers will contact you.

Cost of  JIO Petrol Pump Franchise:

People interested in JIO petrol pump dealerships must be curious about the investment required. An interested party needed both land and funds to start a dealership. Along with that security, a charge must be paid to the particular firm. The following is an estimate of the cost to start a JIO-BP Petrol Pump Franchise:

  • The typical cost of a JIO fuel station franchise in the urban area is between 2 and 3 crores.
  • It ranges between 50 and 75 lakhs for rural areas.

Profit Margin of  JIO Petrol Pump Franchise:

A large investment is necessary for a fuel pump, however, the profit margin is also high in this industry. Opening a gas station with adequate planning and a decent location would yield a monthly profit of at least 5-7 lakhs.

JIO-BP Petrol Pump Dealership Contact Number:

For your convenience, we have included the customer service phone number below in case you need to contact Reliance Petroleum officials about a dealership or distributorship.

  • Email - customercare.petroleum@jiobp.com
  • Toll-Free Number - 1800-891-9023
Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Jio-bp petrol pump profitable?

If you plan it right and put it in the right place, On average, it's easy to make between 5 and 7 lakhs per month with a Jio petrol pump.

What is the minimum space needed for a gas station?

Typically, an area of 800 to 1200 square meters is required to open a fuel pump.

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