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How To Port Bsnl To Jio? - Offers 2024

Bsnl To Jio Port: Hi folks welcome to my blog. Reliance Since 2016, Jio has created quite a stir among India's cellular service providers. In a short period of time, the firm has provided clients with excellent plans and deals, 4G VOLTE connection, and much more across the country, increasing its subscriber base to more over 400 million. Do you want to go on the Jio bandwagon as well? But are you concerned about losing your phone number? The BSNL to Jio port is the best solution to all of your concerns.

How To Port Bsnl To Jio?
How To Port Bsnl To Jio?

Advantage Of Portability To Jio:

There are several advantages to moving your BSNL to Jio. These advantages are as follows:

  • Simple porting choices.
  • Transfer BSNL to Jio for free.
  • SIM cards are guaranteed to arrive at your door within 48 hours.
  • Access to some incredible Jio MNP deals.

  • Improved call quality and faster internet access.

  • Prepaid plans that offer excellent value for money.
  • Any network can make unlimited national calls.
  • Free access to other Jio applications such as Jio TV, Jio News, Jio Games, and so on.
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How To Port BSNL To Jio?

Do you have problems connecting to the internet with your BNSL SIM card? Or do you want to take advantage of the fantastic Jio offers? Here is a comprehensive guide to the BSNL to Jio port offer, including all of the processes you must take.

Port Through Offline Shop:

The first step in transferring from BSNL to Jio is to generate the UPC number, which stands for Unique Porting Code.

  • To obtain the UPC, use your mobile phone to transmit the word "PORT" space and send your BSNL number to 1900.
  • Following the transmission of the message, you will receive an sms from number 1901 including your UPC code. It would also provide the time and date the code would be good for transferring the number till it expired.
  • Once you get the UPC code, go to a Jio Store near you and present it to the customer service representative along with the necessary documentation.

After the UPC code, address, & identity papers have been entered, the MNP request will be sent to Jio. You'll get a brand new Jio SIM card that will be activated in around a week's time. However, if the UPC code's validity period ends, you may easily generate a new one by sending another SMS to the number 1900.

Port Through Online:

You may also apply for a BSNL to Jio port using Jio's official website. Here are the procedures you must take to have your BSNL number transferred.

  • To schedule a new Jio SIM card for home delivery, go to, the company's official website.

  • Put a checkmark next to the home delivery area indicated on the front page.
  • Enter the required information, such as your complete name and 10-digit BSNL number, then click the "Get SIM" button to get an OTP.
  • Enter the 6-digit OPT you received on your BSNL number and click the "Verify" button.
  • After entering the OTP, choose your desired postpaid or prepaid plan and click the "Port to Jio" option to begin the procedure.
  • The next step is to provide your entire address and PIN number, then click the "Submit" button to submit an MNP request.
  • After you complete your form, a Jio home delivery person will contact you to confirm the details and set up a time to deliver the new Jio SIM.

Bring the UPC code you received on your BSNL phone, together with identification and proof of address when the salesperson visits your home to activate your new Jio SIM.

Port via My Jio App:

  • The first step is to download the My Jio App from the App Store or Google Play Store.

  • Once installed, launch the My Jio App and pick the 'Not a Jio User' option.
  • Then, select the option Port-in to Jio.
  • On the following screen, input the required information, such as your complete name and your BSNL 10-digit number, and then press Enter to get the OTP through SMS.
  • Next, input the 6-digit OTP obtained from BSNL and click the "Verify" button.
  • On the following page, you will be asked if you want a new Jio number or whether you want to migrate your current number to Jio.
  • Click on the port in the Jio option box.
  • Choose if you want a postpaid or prepaid SIM connection.
  • Enter your entire address, along with the PIN code, and click the "Proceed" button to submit the MNP request.
When this form has been filled out in its entirety, submit it. A Jio representative will get in touch with you to verify your contact information and delivery information for the new Jio SIM card.

Bsnl To Jio Port Offer:

There are around 15 Jio MNP options from which a customer may move his BSNL to Jio. Here are some of the popular plans among them:

  • Jio 226 Plan

  • Jio 346 Plan
  • Jio 546 Plan
  • Jio 2496 Plan
  • Jio 3598 Plan
When you switch from BSNL to Jio in 2023, you may be eligible for the following Jio MNP plans. Purchasing any of these bundles gets you a one-year membership to Jio Prime, which is worth Rs 100. Nonetheless, as a present Jio customer, you may become aware of the potentially advantageous Jio to Airtel Port promotion.


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