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How to Use Call / Voice Recording app on Jio Phone 2024?-100% Working

Call recording for Jio Phone: First of all, kindly welcome you to our Jio guide blog. Are you looking for an easy way to use voice recording option on your Jio Phone? Then no more tensions because you are reading the perfect article in the right place. Yeah, this post is all about how to use Call recording on Jio Phone. Jio Phone is one of the most highly selling the featured phones at affordable prices in India Because they are proving the best features and services for low budget. Jio Phone is manufactured by a reliance company and it is an Indian product. To sell the Jio SIM they provide many features at a low price on this phone. It provides many free services related to internet data to engage internet users with their Jio network.
Call Recording App for Jio Phone
Call Recording App for Jio Phone
You can enjoy many apps like Jio Cinema, Jio news, Jio Tv, Jio 4g voices and more, you can download it from the Jio store. In Jio's phone, there is no call recording or voice recording option is available as default. When you are in the voice call if you click options there will be only two options they add call and volume balancing. By clicking in to add call option you can make a conference call with friends and with multiple peoples. By volume button, you can balance the volume increase and decrease on your phone. Anyways don't worry you can make a call recording and voice recording feature on Jio Phone by using two simple methods mentioned below. Okay, let us look at the steps of how to use a Call recording/auto call record app on Jio Phone.
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Effective Methods for Call/Voice Recording on Jio Phone:

The first method. It is very simple to do. Just open the video camera on your Jio Phone and do your call on loudspeaker. It will get recorded as a video in your Jio Phone. Then you can convert the audio as a file by using video to the audio application, Just select the recorded video from the internal storage and click to convert it, It will take up to 3mins to complete the process. There are many applications available on the web market for the video to audio converting. If you have a laptop/pc we suggest you guys install the sony vegas pro software on your pc/laptop, It will be much easy to get the audio from the recorded video. If you are not comfortable using any other software or apps in your Jio Phone, Then this will be the best way to do a Recording call on your Jio Phone. 

The second method for Call recording in your Jio Phone, For this method you have to visit the website from your Jio browser and on that website, you have to press in order to record a call or voice in your Jio Phone. Now let us look at more details on this Call Recording feature of Jio Phone.
audio recorder for jio phone
  • Just click and open the web browser in your Jio Phone or you can hold the key 0 in your Jio Phone and then your web browser will open automatically.
  • Now just move to this website by copy-paste the URL that I'm giving here or you can also mention this URL in your browser's address bar.
  • We have given the website that you have to visit s to start the call recording with your Jio Phone:  www.speakpipe.cpm/voice-recorder.
  • Now after visiting the given website, Then you have to make it as your TOP SITE. For making a website as your top site, Just click on the options button in your Jio Phone and then you will see the option to make it as Top Site.
  • Whenever you open the Top site list in your Jio Phone, You can get that saved website on that list as the bookmarked website. so you no need to type the URL again and again, Now you have to visit the online Voice recording website.
  • After that click, the record button on the website refers to the above image. Once you click on the start recording button, You will receive a notification to allow a microphone on your Jio phone.
  • After you gave the permissions, Then your voice will be recorded whenever you say anything om the microphone.
  • After completing your recording just click the stop button. Then your recorded voice will get uploaded in their server and will get a download link to get download the voice or call that you have recorded.
  • Just download it and enjoy the Call Recording on Jio Phone. You can can use this method in all types of devices.
These are all the working methods to use Call/audio recording on Jio Phone. Just use the feature and share your experience with us.


We have provided the complete guide about Voice/Call recording on Jio Phone by using simple methods, I hope our article will be much useful to you guys. Enjoy the experience. Please keep in touch with us to get tech updates and news rapidly. If you have any queries about this article just place your comments on the comment boxes below.

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