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How to Download Xender for Jio Phone? Latest Working Method 2024

Xender for Jio Phone Download: Hello, friends welcome to our Jio guide blog, Are you looking for the best way to use Xender file sharing App on your Jio Phone? Then you are looking at the right content at the right place. This post is all about the Xender app and how to use Xender on Jio featured Phone. Nowadays most of the people are confused that how to share their documents, files, etc in the easy and safest way. By using Xender you can easily transfer your photos, videos, documents, files, etc without data usage using the WiFi signal. It is very faster than any other methods like Bluetooth. Xender is one of the world's fastest file transferring application and has millions of daily users across the world. In the new version, you can also access the Xender app on your Jio Phone.

Xender for Jio Phone
Xender for Jio Phone
You no need to install any software or USB connections. Because you can share any files anytime anywhere wirelessly by using Xender App on your Jio Phone. This application has around 1000 million users on different platforms and devices. It is a highly secured and fastest file-sharing application so you don't need to worry about sharing any private or important files. Okay lets us look at the complete guide on how to use the Xender app on Jio Phone.
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About Xender App on Jio Phone:

xender app for jio phone
Xender is one of the most downloaded file-sharing applications which is specially developed for android Mobile phones. After the huge response from the users, they released this app on all platform devices now this is a cross-platform app. You can transfer files without considering the OS type. Even larger-sized files also can transfer easily by using this Xender app. You can make multiple file-sharing processes by using the Xender app. You can transfer any type of file format and any size of the file to Jio Phone without any limits. The Xender App has more than 1000 million downloads on the google play store and has 4.5 positive ratings by the users. It is one of the smart share tools for file sharing and It supports many languages like English, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese traditional, simplified Chinese, green, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Indonesian, Korean, Malay, Thai, Turkish, Hindi, german, polish, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Vietnamese. Okay, let's look at the stunning features of the Xender App on the Jio Phone.

Stunning Features of Xender for Jio Phone:

The file manager options are unbuilt to view, move, or delete files. Even you can also make a backup copy whenever you planned to clean your storage. You can also smoothly share slide pictures with your friends by sliding. You will get a friendly design for further operating needs with related functions to transferred filers like opening, uninstalling, deleting, viewing, and more on Xender. 
xender app on jio phone
  • Using the Xender file sharing app you can share music, videos, photos, PDFs, Apk, and much more. You can transfer all types of formatted files like (App, music, pdf, word, excel, zip, folder, etc) at any time and from anywhere.
  • Obviously, Xender works without data usage. It is 200 times faster than Bluetooth file transfer speed.
  • It is also available on various platforms like Android, Ios, Tizen, Windows, and PC/MAC. There is no need for USB connections or additional pc software.
  • There are over 500 million downloads and 200 million files successfully get shared daily You can also convert video files to audio files using the Xender app.
xender for jio features
  • You can also save videos from social media like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram. There are more than hundreds of games available without the installation/download process.
  • You can enjoy highspeed transfer up to 40mb/s. 
  • There is a smartphone replication option using that you can easily copy your photos, videos, contacts, SMS, and any other files from your old phone to a new phone.
These are the stunning features available in this application. Now let's look at the process of how to connect Xender for Jio Phone by using simple steps.
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Steps to Connect Xender on Jio Phone:

It is very easy to connect Xender app from your smartphone to your Jio Phone and start file transferring by using the simple steps given below here:

Step 1: Open the Xender app on your android/Ios phone and click on the top Plus menu (refer to the below image).
xender for jio phone download

Step 2: Then you have to click on the "Connect to Jio" option from the given dropdown menu. 

Step 3: Now you have to click on "Create Hotspot" on your device. Then this Xender app will show you hotspot connection details like connection name and password.

Step 4: You will see the next screen in the hotspot name and password. Now click on the "Step2 button".

Step 5 (a): You will see a QR code that can be used from your Jio Phone to scan that to get connected.

Step 5(b): When your Jio Phone doesn't have the Xender app, Then you have to click on "No Xender on Jio Phone" Link. Now the Xender app will prompt you to enter the web address(IP address) on your Jio Phone.

Step 6: Now you have to take your Jio Phone--> Go to settings--> Click on the Wifi option to select the Available Network option.

Step 7: Now you have to connect to the hotspot name that the Xender app has shown in step4. Then enter the password to proceed further.

Step 8: Just open the web browser on your Jio Phone, Click on Options by pressing the upper right side of Jio Button> Select Go to top sites option.

Step 9: Now you need to enter the web address which is shown on the Xender app on your Smartphone.

By this, you can easily choose files from your smartphone and share or download it on your Jio Phone. These all are simple ways to use the Xender app on Jio Phone.


We have provided the complete details of Xender for Jio Phone and How to use it on your Jio Phone. We hope this content will be useful to you guys. you can get the high-speed file transfer by using Xender App. Enjoy the experience. Thank you for visiting the blog regularly. Please keep in touch with our blog to get more information updates and news related to Jio. If you have any doubts about the guide please leave your comments on the below-given comment boxes.

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