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SHAREit For Jio Phone Free Download 2024 - 100% Working

SHAREit for JioPhone Download: Hello, buddies welcome to our Jio guide blog. Are you looking for a guide on how to use the SHAREit app on Jio Phone? Then no more worries you are in the right post. Here in this post, you will get the complete details of the SHAREit app and how to use SHAREit on your Jio featured phone. SHAREit made more than 900 million downloads and has millions of daily users across the globe. It is the fifth most downloaded mobile app in India in 2018. SHAREit is a free application with a premium quality file sharing feature. This app is supported by most platform devices like Android, Ios, Windows, Mac, and so on. This app will not access permissions that are irrelevant to your functionality.

SHAREit on JioPhone Download
SHAREit on JioPhone Download
Jio Phone is a 4G and VoLTE featured phone launched by reliance. The Jio network used this mobile to promote the Jio SIM to normal users by proving lots of advanced features and offers. These mobiles are one of the good selling products in India Because they are providing Android features at affordable prices. People like you expecting most of the famous android apps on Jio phone but it is not an android mobile. Jio phone run on KaiOS but still, we can use many android features and applications on Jio Phone by using some tricks. Okay, before getting into the tricks just know the features of the SHAREit app on Jio Phone.
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Main Features of SHAREit on Jio Phone:

  • SHAREit is 200 times faster than the old Bluetooth option, transfer speed up to 20m/s so you can transfer larger files within few seconds.
  • You can transfer files without losing the quality this is the main reason for the success of SHAREit.
  • SHAREit allows you to transfer all types of files like photos, videos, audios, installed apps, docs, PDF and other files across various platform devices. It is a cross-platform application. 
SHAREit on JioPhone features
  • This app also provides online videos streaming service in HD also you can watch offline videos continuously. It is getting updated daily so you can get all the latest news, videos, music and so on.
  • The video player supports almost all formats and you can feel the smooth playing experiences. The music players have a powerful equalizer, it provides an immersive experience.
  • SHAREit can help you to find nearby users and you can transfer them also by scanned QR code. SHAREit can also help to transfer large files across multiple devices.
  • The Jio Phone has a Spreadtrum sc9820A processor. The Jio phone has 512mb RAM and 4GB inbuilt memory space. It has a 2000mAh battery capacity. so you can get the best user experience in this featured phone.
These all the features of SHAREit app and the Jio Phone. Let's look at the downloading process of SHAREit in Jio Phone.

How to download SHAREit for Jiophone?

It is very simple to transfer the files by using SHAREit on Jio Phone. The Jio Phone supports all types of android applications like youtube, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. So you can download and install the app which all available on the Jio store. But at present SHAREit is not officially available for Jio Phone. The Jio hasn't developed a customized version for the Shareit on KAI os. But without using Shareit you can easily transfer files on Jio Phone. Just follow the given steps below here:
  • First, you have to switch on the wifi option to use SHAREit on Jio Phone. 
  • Now take your android phone and open SHAREit Application in it to share files to JioPhone.
  • You can find 4 dots menu at the SHAREit app right side, Click on it and select the 'Share with Jio' option to proceed.
shareit with jio phone
  • There you have to follow the 2 steps which are shown on the screen to share files to Jio Phone by using a WIFI option.
  • Step 1 -Connects this SHAREit wifi hotspot to your Jio Phone. Open Jio phone settings -->Select WiFi--> Available Network-->Choose the current network shown on your smartphone SHAREit screen and use the password shown in your SHAREit app screen.
shareit for jiophone

  • Step 2- After connecting to the SHAREit network take your Jio Phone and open the browser and use the IP address mention on the screen.
shareit on jiophone
  • After finding the web URL, Jio Phone will show you the shared files from the Android phone and Then click on the download option to get the file.
  • The process is done and now Jio Phone Users can share files without using SHAREit Application.


We hope that above-given features and sharing process steps may help the Jio Phone users to transfer all types of files to other devices and now you can enjoy the SHAREit on Jio phone without using SHAREit Application. Thanking you guys for visiting our tech blog. Keep in touch with our Jio blog to get all latest Jio updates and news. If you have any doubts about this post, please leave your comment on the below-given comment boxes.

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