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How To Convert Jio Sim To Esim? Step To Step Guide 2024

Jio Sim To Esim: Hi friends welcome to our post. Have you gotten a new phone?  You now wish to change your physical jio SIM to eSIM. Converting your physical jio sim to eSIM is straightforward and can be done from the comfort of your own home.

How To Convert Jio Sim To Esim?
How To Convert Jio Sim To Esim?

This blog will teach you how to change your physical jio SIM to eSIM. Every network has a unique method for switching to an eSIM. jio You may effortlessly change to eSIM in a few easy steps.

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What exactly is an eSIM?

An embedded sim (eSIM) is a tiny integrated SIM chip that is incorporated directly into your gadgets, such as a smartphone or tablet. It functions similarly to a physical SIM card placed into a mobile phone, with the exception that it comes pre-installed on the device. You can enjoy a smooth mobile network connection after it is enabled by a telecom provider that provides eSIM services.

eSIM is a mobile technological breakthrough that eliminates the requirement for a physical SIM card to access the power of a mobile phone network. Just activate the eSIM on your phone and you're connected. The experience is even more immediate, simple, and seamless with Jio eSIM.

Advantage Of ESim:

  • The eSIM can greatly reduce interior space needs by replacing the slide-in sim tray in your smartphone with an internally integrated Jio eSIM.
  • You may effortlessly swap your network provider in India with Jio eSIM by calling the phone or submitting an online request.
  • A Jio eSIM can hold many network profiles that operate flawlessly anywhere. This is an excellent option for someone who travels regularly.
  • When compared to a standard sim card, it is impossible to lose a Jio eSIM. Once you enable and set up your Jio eSIM, you will never lose it.
  • It's a physical chip on your device, and you can only lose the eSIM if you lose or damage your smartphone.

How To Convert Jio Sim To Esim?

  • Send an eSIM activation request to 199 by SMSing 'GETESIM32 Digit EID>15 Digit IMEI>' from a handset with an active Jio SIM.
  • If your email address has not been updated, you will get an email urging you to do so in order to restart the procedure.
  • To request an automated call from +91 2235072222, confirm and activate eSIM SMS '1' to 183. To confirm, dial '1' on the phone. Then, install 'Data plan' on your smartphone to activate eSIM by following the instructions below.

Jio eSIM Activation Factors:

  • Before you begin configuring your phone, check sure it is linked to a mobile network or Wi-Fi.
  • Selecting the 'Remove Data Plan' option in device settings will destroy the eSIM profile permanently.
  • If it is accidentally or unintentionally removed, go to your local Jio Store, Reliance Digital, or Jio merchant with proof of identification and a photograph for the SIM switch process.
  • The Activation Code is one-of-a-kind and can only be used once on one device.

How To Activate Your Jio eSIM On Android?

  • Find the menu called "Settings" on your Samsung phone.

  • Click on About to reveal an IMEI number.
  • The EID number may then be obtained by clicking on Status information.
  • To get the EID and IMEI number, you must send an SMS message with the word "GETESIM" to the number "199."
  • Then you'll be issued a 32-digit activation code, 19-digit eSIM numbers, & eSIM personal information.
  • To configure the eSIM, navigate to Settings and then Connections.
  • Select the SIM card manager now.
  • Under the eSIM, click 'Add mobile plan,' --> 'Scan carrier QR code.'
  • On the next screen, click Enter code.
  • After finishing the procedure, you will get a 32-digit activation code through SMS.
  • Finally, click Connect and your Jio eSIM will be enabled.

How To Activate Your Jio eSIM On IOS?

  • To begin, go to the Settings menu and choose General.
  • Then, choose About to see your EID & IMEI number. Please keep those in mind.
  • Then, from your phone, send 'SMS GETESIM' to 199, along with your phone's EID & IMEI digits.

  • You will then be given a 19-digit eSIM number as well as eSIM profile configuration instructions.
  • In addition to this, you will be contacted to set up your profile.
  • Sending SIMCHG to 199 followed by entering a 19-digit eSIM code is required.

  • In two hours, you will get an update, which you must confirm by texting '1' to 183.
  • You will receive an automated call in which your 19-digit eSIM number will be requested.
  • You will receive an SMS notice if your confirmation is successful.
  • If you receive a message to configure the profile, simply click on it and select Install data plan.
  • Continue by clicking the Continue button.
  • If you do not receive the message, go to Settings and look for Jio Data Plan Ready to Install.
  • Finally, press the Continue button, and your Jio eSIM should be enabled.


These are the simple way to convert jio sim to esim. we hope this information is useful to convert jio sim to esim. Then please share it with your friends. Keep following our page for more esim updates. Thank you so much. 

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