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How To Take Data Loan In Jio? - New Update 2024

Jio Emergency Data Loan: Hi friends welcome to our post. Reliance Jio has launched a new 'Emergency Data Loan' service, which allows its prepaid customers to borrow data and pay it back later. The new Emergency Data Loan feature gives Jio users who have exhausted their high-speed daily data allowance and are unable to recharge quickly for a variety of reasons the choice of 'Recharge Now and Pay Later capability.

How To Take Data Loan In Jio?
How To Take Data Loan In Jio?

The new service will provide these users with a simple yet powerful solution, assuring the continuance of a continuous high-speed data experience. The emergency data loan service is available through the MyJio App.

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What Is Jio Emergency Data Loan?

Jio emergency data loan service provides you with a net loan on your Jio sim to continue using the internet when your data pack expires. Jio data loan code is required to activate this service. There is currently no Jio 1GB data loan number to obtain this service immediately. Similar to this data loan in jio number, you can also get a Jio Emergency Data Loan Number for extended Talktime from our website. You may easily obtain it at the conclusion of this essay.

How To Take Data Loan In Jio?

Jio emergency data loan activation is quite simple. To obtain an emergency data loan from Jio, you do not need to use any USSD codes or dial any numbers. Activate Jio emergency data loan using MyJio. When you enable the Jio emergency data loan, you can borrow up to 5 1GB data vouchers.

You may acquire up to 5 emergency data loans from Jio, each at 11 INR, for a total of 5 GB as a data loan of 55 INR without immediate payment.

  • Launch the My Jio app on your smartphone.

  • Then, on top of the MyJio app, tap on the "Mobile" option.
  • Scroll down to see the Get Emergency Data link; just touch on it to be redirected to the emergency data loan page.
  • Then press the "Proceed" button.
  • Then, on your app, tap the "Get Emergency Data" option, which will cost 11 INR, which is equal to 5 data vouchers.
  • When you tap the button, you will be sent to another screen where you may enable emergency data.
  • To activate the Jio emergency data loan, click the "Activate immediately" option. Jio will send you an SMS confirming that your emergency data loan has been enabled.
The Jio emergency data loan site will include your Jio recharge history and Jio emergency data loan payment receipt. All of your receipts will be accessible there, so you'll know when you've triggered Jio's emergency data loan.

Jio Emergency Data Loan Price And Data Limit:

  • Jio prepaid customers may borrow up to 5 1 GB emergency data loan packs (valued at Rs 11 per pack).
  • The highest borrowing amount is Rs 55, which is equivalent to 5 packets.

Emergency Data Loan Service Terms & Conditions:

  • The emergency data voucher for the emergency loan is only accessible when the data limitation under a good recharge plan expires to join customers.

  • A single Jio member can utilize this service for a maximum of five Rs 15 data loan vouchers at a time. Furthermore, the user must pay the money against the coupon as quickly as feasible.
  • The user agrees to a contractual commitment to return the loan money before utilizing this data lending service. As a result, before disconnecting the subscription from other services, a user is required to pay the pending money.
  • Jio customers may re-enjoy the emergency data loan offer by repaying their loan amount using the My jio application.

How To Get Jio Data Loan With Customer Service?

Jio customer service can assist you with any issue or concern regarding Jio telecom service. So, to receive a Jio phone data loan on your sim, simply dial Jio's customer support number and request that a Jio data loan service be provided on your number. This is the best way to receive a 1GB Jio data loan without utilizing a Jio data loan number or emergency data loan number.

Frequently Asked Questions:

can I get free data from jio code?

Simply phone 1299 and click the call button to receive your jio free emergency 10 GB loan for 30 days.


We are grateful to Jio for providing the best Jio emergency data loan services. This will be extremely beneficial to those consumers who have exceeded their daily data quotas or have trouble with payment methods on my app. This was, in my opinion, one of the greatest services that every Jio subscriber was hoping for.

Jio's service is obviously highly valuable. I hope you enjoy this service. If you have any queries on how to take data loan in jio, please leave them in the comments section.

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