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Jio F220b Hard Reset - Jio Phone LYF 2024

Jio Phone LYF: Hai friends welcome to our post. If you're seeking jio f220b hard reset instructions and need to reset your Jiofi adapter, then this page can help you. The internet has exploded in the market since Reliance introduced its Jio service. Everyone now uses smart gadgets, either through a cellular internet connection or the Jiofi adaptor. In conjunction with the LYF firm, Jio has also released its smart feature mobile gadget. So, in this article, I will demonstrate how to perform a jio f220b hard reset.

Jio F220b Hard Reset
Jio F220b Hard Reset

Jio F220b Hard Reset:

If you're having trouble with your handset and have attempted the Jio f220b hard reset, nothing will work. I understand how aggravating it is for you, as the same thing occurred to a friend lately.

At the time, I felt it would be amazing to publish an essay about the Jio f220b hard reset procedure in 2021. This post not only saves you time but also precisely resolves your problem.

This Jio f220b hard reset procedure will not wipe your phone's data. So, don't be concerned about data loss after the hard reset procedure.

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How To Do Jio F220b Hard Reset? 

First Method:

The reset method simply deletes all cache and transient files stored on your mobile Bios. Occasionally, erasing all of the default caches will resolve the issue and make your device speedier.

It also aids in the resolution of no-display issues in Jio LYF devices, as well as app crashes, applications not working in Jio devices, and many other issues.

The procedure is straightforward and should take no more than 3-5 minutes to complete. During the hard reset, make sure your device is charged to at least 80%.

  • I'm assuming you've already performed a soft reset and restarted your device twice.

  • You must now simultaneously hit the * key and the power button.
  • Release your grip on the power button while continuing to press the * key.
  • Next, a menu will display on your screen; check for the option to delete data/factory reset.
  • Press the power button after selecting the wipe data/factory reset option.
  • Then, from the options, pick Yes and push the power button.

The Jio f220b hard reset process will now begin, and the device will restart automatically once completed.

The identical technique will be used to reset all LYF jio mobile devices.

Second Method:

The second approach differs significantly from the first, but it will likewise delete all of your personal data from your cell phone. It is also known as a Hard Reset or a Factory Reset. The following steps are outlined below:

  • The first step in doing a Jio F220b hard reset is to expose your phone and then lift off the phone battery for a few seconds.
  • After that, you must replace the battery and cover.
  • To enter the Recovery panel, hold down the Power and 8 keys at the same time.
  • Later, use the navigation keys to get to the Wipe data/factory reset option, and then use the Power key to confirm it.

Jio F220b Soft Reset:

You may do a routine inspection without diving into the technical aspects of the gadget. This routine check is referred to as a soft reset.

Restarting your device twice is a straightforward technique that everyone can perform. It will assist you in automatically shutting down your device, overheating difficulties, network issues, and many other things.

You must do the following actions during the soft reset process:

  • Remove your phone's battery and sim card.
  • Using a clean towel, wipe down your battery and SIM card.
  • Replace the sim card and battery and restart the device.

After that, check to see if your smartphone is operating properly; if not, proceed to the Jio f220b hard reset technique.


These are the simple way to your jio f220b hard reset. we hope this information is useful to your jio f220b hard reset. keep following our page for more jio phone updates. Thank you so much

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