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Jio Scooty Online Booking, Launch Date, Price List-2024

Jio Scooty: Hi folks welcome to our post. Booking & launching information for Jio Scooty is now accessible to our consumers. Following the debut of the Ola Electric Scooter, such rumor has lately gone widespread on social media, particularly on YouTube, claiming Jio Scooty would be launched by Reliance's Firm owner Mukesh Ambani's company Jio. There are also claims on several social media sites claiming that Jio Company would unveil Jio Phone Next and Jio Scooty. Reliance Jio is attempting to launch the market's first wide-ranging e-scooter.

Jio Scooty
Jio Scooty

Jio Scooty Online Booking / Registration:

We will notify you about the Jio Scooty Online Booking or Registration viral news that is now trending on social media. According to certain online posts, the Jio firm will make its e-scooter available to the public at a very low rate, and individuals will be able to pay the price of the scooter in installments at their own pace. This is false news since Reliance Jio Company has yet to make any announcement on the debut of the Jio Scooty in the market. However, we may anticipate Jio to enter the electric scooter market in the near future.

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Jio Electric Scooter Features [As per Viral News]:

  • Jio Scooty is completely charged and helps to keep the environment clean. It can travel up to 75 kilometers on a single battery.

  • This jio Scooty will have the option of cloud connectivity, allowing you to link it to your smartphone.
  • It will be powered by a lithium-ion battery that is renewable.
  • In India, the Jio Scooty costs Rs. 14999. People must reserve scooty online, which is completely free. 
  • Jio Scooty will be available in ten different colors, including black, yellow, red, white, grey, and blue, & their variations. People may purchase these Scooty in their preferred color.
  • This jio Scooty is said to feature tubeless tires.
  • Buyers of Jio Scooty have the option of paying for the Scooty in cash upon delivery, which reduces the danger of fraud.

Jio Scooty Launch Date:

  • People who are interested in purchasing a Jio Scooty can do so by registering online. After successfully registering, you will be issued a registration number or a voucher. Show this voucher number to any Jio store near you, and you may now order a Jio Scooter with it.

  • Jio Scooty may also be reserved online at You may join this website, fill out your information, and then pay your bill online.
  • Customers may now purchase  Jio Scooty using the Jio App. Only Jio customers can access the My Jio app.
  • Jio Scooty will be available in India on August 15, 2023.
  • Registration for this has begun on September 1st, 2023.
  • Jio electric Scooty was introduced to the market in two models: Jio R and Jio R1 pro, each with a strong motor.

Jio Scooty Electric Scooter Alternatives In India:

  • Bajaj Electric

  • Hero Electric
  • Ola Electric
  • Revolt Motors
  • Ather Electric
  • Pure Electric
  • Simple One
  • TVS Electric

Why is an electric scooter required?

Driving has gotten more complicated and demanding as the number of 4-wheelers in the country grows on a daily basis. Because of the massive traffic, there will always be traffic congestion somewhere. Two-wheelers are speedy and simple to maneuver in traffic, and developed nations are encouraging the use of more electric 2-wheelers to alleviate traffic congestion. The situation is similar in India. Furthermore, the rise in gas prices is a cause for concern in India, but it cannot be the only reason because it has yet to be revealed how much charging would cost per kilometer of the run.

Fact Check on Jio Scooty Launch:

According to our findings and our inquiry, this report is completely false. 
Jio Scooty Scheme, Online Booking, and other details have gone viral. Don't spend your time with this sort of bogus and viral news. When a firm launches this sort of plan, we will notify you via our website. As a result, all applicants should check this website frequently for the most recent news.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is electric Scooty safe?

According to online research, customers are still concerned about the safety & performance of electric scooters after a series of fires occurred in these vehicles recently.


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