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Jio MMI Code To Check Balance - Jio MMI Code list 2024

Jio  MMI Code: Hi friends welcome to our post. Jio is India's most successful and famous telecom operator. As expected, the firm would have a 36.15 percent market share in 2021. On September 5, 2016, Jio started its 4G LTE service, offering free unlimited internet and phone calls to users. This article outlines various options for Jio prepaid & postpaid plan subscribers to check their Jio balance, data consumption, validity, and other information.

Jio MMI Code
Jio MMI Code

So it becomes necessary for a user to check their balance, validity, and data usage, to avoid any delay in recharge to continue using the service. Here's a detailed article that tells you how to check your Jio balance, see how much data you've used, and more.

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What are MMI Codes?

In general, USSD codes are "Quick Codes"; they are a predetermined number that users can transmit, and the carrier network system responds by sending a text message with the necessary information. Each telecom provider should ideally have a list of USSD codes. However, we have created a list of the most useful Jio MMI codes.

Check Jio Balance Via SMS/Missed Call:

To find out your Jio balance & validity, dial 1299. The call will be ended immediately, and you will receive a message on the phone from which you requested the balance. You may also text MBAL to 55333 to obtain a comprehensive message about your balance.

Your plan, how much data you use, how many SMS you send, how much money you have left to recharge, and when your plan ends will all be in the text.

Here are some important SMS texts for your future reference:

  • BILL to 199: Bill amount for Jio Postpaid

  • MYPLAN to 199: Current plan for Jio
  • START to 1925: 4G Activate 
  • TARIFF to 191: Check Call rate
  • JIO to 199: Find Jio number
  • MBAL to 55333: Check 4G data usage
  • BAL to 199: Get prepaid balance & validity

Check Jio Balance On My Jio App:

Many Jio subscribers use the My Jio app to keep track of their active 4G plan, its validity, and other Jio plan details; for example, a user may instantly check his balance, data use, plan validity, and recent offers. Jio also allows customers to get a complete summary of their call, message, and internet data usage, as well as identify local Jio outlets.

  • If you don't already have one, get the MyJio App from the app store on your smartphone.
  • Use your Jio number and OTP to complete the registration procedure.
  • Now, launch the app and select View Detail.
  • When you select View Detail, you will see your SMS balance, Voice Call Balance, Data Balance,  and Plan Expiry Date.

Check Jio Balance Use USSD Codes:

You may check your Jio Balance and Validity by using the following USSD codes.

*111*1*3# : Internet Balance Details

*333#: To Find Main Balance

*333*3*1*1# : Activate Caller Tune

*333*3*1*2# : Deactivate Caller Tune

Jio USSD Codes 2022:

S.No Check Details Jio USSD Codes
1 Know balance/Talktime *333#
2 Check 4G data usage MBAL to 55333
3 Know Number Dial *1#
4 prepaid balance & validity SMS BAL to 199
5 Know the bill amount SMS BILL to 199
6 Activate 4G data Call 1925 or SMS START to 1925
7 Check current tariff plan SMS MYPLAN to 199
8 Check net balance use MyJio app
9 Deactivate Jio Caller Tune *333*3*1*2#
10 Know Jio number of JioFi device SMS JIO to 199
11 Postpaid Main Menu *111# or *222#
12 Start Jio Postpaid Miss Call Alert Service *123*30#

Check Balance On Jio Website: is another simple way to check your Jio balance and manage your Jio account. If you don't want to rely just on my Jio app or other techniques, try this one.

  • Go to Jio's official website and select Sign In.
  • Choose Mobile and input your Jio mobile number.
  • You will receive an OTP to your phone number; input it and then click the submit button.

  • You will now see your data balance and use, as well as your plan information.
  • To view the balance in further detail, click Check Usage or View More.

By clicking on My Statement, you can also view your recharge and billing history, as well as your previous 6-month statement of phone calls, data consumption, and SMS. Then, if you wish to recharge, you may compare and choose a suitable plan, and the recharge will be completed swiftly on your Jio number.


These are the Jio MMI code to check balance. we hope this information is useful to get jio MMI code to check balance. we are regularly updating our posts so keep following our post for more jio MMI code updates. Thank you so much. 

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