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How To get Jio PUK Code Number? Jio Puk Code 2024

Jio Puk Code: Hi friends welcome to our post. If you are a regular JIO phone user, you may have had your JIO phone locked for a variety of reasons. If a security concern arises, your JIO phone will be blocked. Unblocking requires a 10-digit PUK code. In this tutorial, I will walk you through the process of unlocking your jio PUK code step by step.

If your JIO SIM card is locked, you must use a PUK code, which is a unique 10-digit number provided by the service provider, to unlock it. In many cases, the JIO phone will be blocked. If a security issue is discovered, your JIO phone will be banned.

Jio Puk Code
Jio Puk Code

If your phone is stolen, you can use the JIO online self-help facility to unblock your JIO phone remotely. As a result, when a person has a phone, he or she must input the right PUK code of a JIO in order to unlock and use it again.

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What Is Jio PUK Code?

Jio PUK Code, also known as Personal Unlocking Key, is a security feature supplied by Jio to prevent unauthorized access to your SIM card. You may obtain this code either online or by following some offline procedures.

What Is The Purpose Of The Jio PUK Code?

Typically, Jio SIM cards have a 4-8 digit code written on them. This code is used to lock and unlock your SIM card.

However, if you enter the erroneous code more than three times while unlocking your SIM card, you may need the Jio PUK code.

This is when your Jio PUK Code may come in handy. Aside from that, if your Jio SIM is misplaced or you wish to permanently lock it, you will need this code.

Default JIO PUK Code?

Almost all users have the same jio PUK code by default. For practically all users, the default jio PUK code is either 1234 or 0000.

In addition, you must enter the JIO PUK code, which is 00000000.

If none of these methods work for you, it is recommended that you follow the procedure described below to obtain your unique jio PUK code number.

How To Get JIO PUK Code Using My JIO App?

  • Launch the My JIO App on your smartphone. 

  • Log in with your SIM card and navigate to the navigation menu.
  • Now, go to the "Help" menu and type PUK into the search field.
  • It will now offer you a link.
  • To access the JIO Lost SIM page, click on that link.
  • Log in using your phone number and then follow the on-screen steps to obtain your JIO PUK code.
These are the basic procedures you may need to do to obtain your Jio PUK code in order to unlock it online.

How To Get JIO PUK Code Via SMS?

Yes, you may obtain your Jio PUK code by SMS. To do so, simply dial the Jio USSD Code *121#. After phoning the number, just choose the appropriate choices to receive your Jio PUK code by SMS.

This strategy causes problems for many people. As a result, it is advised to contact the Jio customer service hotline to get your Jio PUK code unblocked promptly by IVR.

How To Get JIO PUK Code Online?

  • First Open your browser and navigate to, JIO's main website.
  • Then, search for "self-care lost login," and it will offer you various options.
  • Selecting "PUK Code" from this list will take you to the login page.
  • Then, sign in with your mobile number and follow the on-screen instructions to obtain your JIO no PUK code.

These are the basic procedures you must take to obtain your JIO PUK code. These methods are easy and may assist you in obtaining the code quickly.

How To Get Your JIO PUK Code Via Help Line Number?

To obtain your JIO PUK code offline, use the JIO customer service hotline.

  • Dial 18008899999 from your dialing device.
  • Once connected to the IVR, follow the instructions to reach a Jio customer service professional.
  • Now, request that the JIO executive obtain your JIO PUK number code, and he will need certain information for the verification number.
  • You will receive your jio PUK code through SMS after you have been validated.
So, just follow these easy steps to retrieve your Jio PUK number offline using IVR.

Friends Normally, I would advise against using PUK codes. However, if you want PUK security, activate it and use it with caution, since repeated use of the erroneous PUK code can result in your SIM being permanently disabled.

If three attempts have been made, do not try again; instead, utilize our approach or call Customer Case from another cell to obtain jio PUK code.


These are the simple way to get jio PUK code number. we hope this information is useful to get jio PUK code number. we are regularly updating our post so keep following our page for more jio PUK code updates. Thank you so much.

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