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How To Set Jio Caller Tune? Free 2024

Jio Caller Tune: Hi friends welcome to our postReliance Jio entered the Indian telecommunications market with a boom. From inexpensive data to a plethora of content-rich applications, free SMS to free Video Calls, and now preparations for the rollout of 5G services, Jio is doing everything to revolutionize our smartphone experience.

How To Set Jio Caller Tune?
How To Set Jio Caller Tune?

Numerous individuals still need to be made aware that Jio offers a free caller tunes service that may be engaged without paying a premium or cost. With Jio Tunes, you may choose your preferred song as your caller tune from a collection of over 4 lakhs of songs. There are 4 ways to enable Jio Caller Tunes: By sending a message, using the Jio Saavn Music app, and copying from another jio number user, a user can copy music from another jio number user.

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How To Set Jio Caller Tune?

Caller Tune is becoming popular with teenagers. And if you can get it for free, that's a fantastic deal for people. Jio provides free caller tune-in. You may activate this without paying any premium or cost. Look here. How to Change the Caller Tune in Jio.There are four ways to set caller tune.

  • set Jio Caller Tunes By SMS
  • Jio Caller Tune App
  • Set Jio Caller Tune With My Jio App
  • Pressing Star button

How to set Jio Caller Tunes By SMS?

If you prefer to take a more traditional method to set a caller song, here's how. Jio allows you to customize your caller song by sending an SMS JPto 56789 with the following codes:
  • MOVIE <movie name> send it to 56789
  • ALBUM <album name> send it to 56789
  • SINGER <singer name> send it to 56789
After you submit the message, Jio will send you a message for confirmation. All you have to do is reply with 'Y,' and Jio will give you a confirmation message shortly.

How to Set Jio Caller Tune From Jio Saavn App?

In Jio, there is no separate app for setting caller tune; instead, use the JioSaavn Music app can set your songs as your caller tune. As a result, we referred to the JioMusic app as the Jio caller tune app. The JioSaavn music app is coupled with a feature button that allows you to set the tune as your caller tune.

How To Set Jio Caller Tune?
How To Set Jio Caller Tune?

  • To begin, install the Jio Saavn Music on your Android or iOS smartphone.
  • If you're still using an older Jio music app, it's time to upgrade.
  • Log in using your My Jio credentials.
  • Search and choose the music you want to use as your caller tune.
  • Select the 'Set as JioTune' option. A preview will appear.
  • Listen to the preview and, if you like it, confirm it by hitting the 'Set as JioTune' button.
  • Jio will send you an activation confirmation sms soon.

How To Copy Jio Caller Tune By Pressing Star button?

You may also copy a number from another by hitting the * button.

  • Call the number alone to duplicate the Caller's song.
  • It will say that if you wish to replicate the caller song, simply hit the * button.
  • Toggle the star (*) button.
  • The company will send you a message confirmation. Simply respond "Y" within 30 minutes on the same platform.
  • The selected caller tune will be enabled on your smartphone shortly.

How To Set Jio Caller Tune via My Jio App?

If MyJio is not installed on your smartphone, you must first download it from the Google Play or Apple App Store.

  • Open MyJio and pick your preferred Jio Tune choice.
  • Choose from a collection of Regional, Bollywood, Instrumental, International, and other music.
  • Set your caller tune after previewing the music.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Jio caller tune free?

  • Using the MyJio app, you may establish or alter your JioTune up to three times each month for free.

  • If you use the JioSaavn app to set Jio Tune, you can only set up one JioTune per month for free.
  • If you want limitless JioTunes, you must upgrade to JioSaavn Pro or JioSaavn Plus JioTunes.

What is the number to set Jio caller tune?

Dial 56789 from the Jio number where you want to activate Jio Tune.


These are the simple methods to set Jio caller tune. We hope this information is useful to set jio caller tune. If you like this information then please share it with your friends. keep following our site for more jio caller tune updates. Thank you for reading this post.

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