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Jio Pos Plus Apk Download New Version 2024

Jio Pos Plus Apk Download: Hi friends welcome to our post. Jio has released a new app for Jio Partners called Jio Pos Plus. This software is designed specifically for Jio Merchants and serves as a one-stop solution for retailers to manage all Jio customer-related operations. Jio Retailers may refuel their customers' mobile phones, pay their bills, issue customers new jio sim cards, activate their jio sim cards, do digital KYC, and much more. In this article, we will reveal every single detail and way to effortlessly update or download Jio Pos Plus Apk.

Jio Pos Plus Apk Download
Jio Pos Plus Apk

Jio has lately developed a new app, jio pos lite (nearly the same name as the jio pos plus app), in which anybody may become a jio associate / jio partner. Despite their identical names, these applications operate in quite distinct ways. The Jio pos plus app is exclusively available to Jio retailers, however, the Jio pos lite app is available to all Jio sim customers.

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About Jio POS Plus?

Previously, Jio retailers lacked a platform to carry out all Jio-related tasks; now, they no longer need to be concerned since Jio has introduced a new jio retailer software, Jio pos plus update app, via which retailers can manage all Jio sim & items in their retail shop.

Only Jio partners may control this app, not Jio customers. You may be wondering what I meant when I said Jio Partners. Right? So, we'll tell everything to you right now.

Who are Jio Partners?

Jio partners are those who do business, such as advertising Jio products and making stock available to the general public, also known as Jio consumers. Any form of business model can be used.

Benefits Of Jio Plus App:

  • After all, the jio pos app is designed for doing business with Reliance Jio, so there must be some benefit to utilizing it.

  • Jio pos plus app simplifies the management of Jio's products and services while also providing a profit to retailers that use the program.
  • Retailers receive a commission on recharges and bill payments, as well as a profit for activating new Jio sim cards and bringing users into the Jio database.
  • Reliance Jio charges 4% fee on total mobile recharge or bill payment amounts, while dealers receive roughly Rs 40 for activating new Jio customers.
  • Retailers were also given a set amount of money for selling Jio items.

Features Of Jio Pos App:

Jio Pos Plus Apk
Jio Pos Plus Apk

  • Retailers can recharge and pay their customers' mobile phone bills.

  • Retailers may do digital KYC on their customers in only a few clicks.
  • Bring other telecom operators' customers into the Jio database, e.g., by performing MNP porting via the Jio pos plus app.
  • Complete the customer's GST registration.
  • Register Jio customers for Aadhaar eKYC.
  • The store may buy and sell accessories and gadgets, such as LYF devices & related accessories.
  • Jio items may be ordered by retailers using the app.
  • Jio product inventories and stock can be managed by retailers with a few clicks.
  • Jio items may also be returned to distributors or recommended merchants by retailers.

Download Jio Pos Plus Apk: 

App Name Jio Pos Plus apk
Developer Reliance jio
Category Network
Version V 12.7.1
Last Update Dec 202

Download Jio Pos plus Apk Latest version from the links given below.

  • Jio Pos Plus apk 12.6.4 Download 
  • Jio pos plus apk 12.5.3 Download 
  • Jio Pos plus apk 12.4.1 Download 
  • Jio Pos Plus apk 12.3.3 Download 
  • Jio Pos Plus apk 12.2.9 Download 
  • Jio Pos Plus apk 12.2.3 Download 
  • Jio Pos Plus apk 12.1.1 Download 
  • Jio Pos Plus apk 10.5.7 Download 
  • Jio Pos Plus apk 10.2.4 Download
You may also download the app by following the procedures outlined below:

  • To begin, download and install the Airwatch Agent app from the Google Play Store >> open it now.
  • Enter as the server address, and partners as the Group ID, and go to the following screen.

  • Enter your Username, Password to log in.

  • Next, navigate to "Managed Apps" and download the most recent version of the Jio Pos Plus Apk.
  • That's all. The software has been successfully installed.

How Do I Log Into MyJio POS Plus?

  • Open the Jio Pos Plus application on the mobile device you're using.

  • Click the option that says "Create Jio ID."
  • Followed by clicking the "Submit" button, please provide your cell phone number.
  • A verification code will be sent to your mobile device and sent to you by text message.
  • After your Jio ID has been validated, you will be able to use it, along with your password, to log in to the app.


I hope you have downloaded the most recent version of the Jio Pos Plus Apk. Download the Jio Pos Plus Apk to get all of its features. We will also offer more updated versions of the Jio Pos Plus Apk, so stay tuned for more information.

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