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Jio Network Issue - Why Jio Net Is Not Working Today?

Jio Network Issue: Jio users are now suffering network failure. Network failure or signal malfunction has become a widespread issue, and many users are currently facing slow-speed internet, which can be inconvenient. Jio launched numerous eye-catching features at first, but network troubles have become a tedious affair. Continue reading to see why Jio net is not working today?.

Why Jio Net Is Not Working Today?
 Why Jio Net Is Not Working Today?
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Why Jio Network Is Not Working Today?

Jio is a mobile network operator in India. Reliance Industries owns it, and it is located in Navi Mumbai. 

Jio does not provide 2G or 3G service and instead provides voice service on its network via voice-over LTE. Services like allow us in determining if the entire Jio network is down.

Today's report on Downdetector & similar services has emphasized the topic of network breakdown through charts and other means.

How To Solve Jio Network Problem?

I will solve all of your difficulties, including the Jio Network Problems, Internet Not Working, and Calls Not Working. Consequently, you will find this post to be quite helpful. You may have similar issues in the future, therefore you will find this post really helpful.

For your knowledge, I will offer the solution to every Reliance Jio Sim Jio Network Problem. However, I would like to notify you that we cannot address these Jio Network Problems on our own, as everything depends on Jio. This indicates the number of towers in their network.

Among the reasons is whether or not Jio Tower is close to you. If a Jio Tower is not nearby, you may always have Jio Network Issues. You may still configure your mobile device in such a way that the Jio Network Problem can be mitigated to some level.

My Jio Sim Is Not Working:

Reliance Jio is now one of the most famous telecom services in the world. The corporation transformed the face of India's telecom industry. Nonetheless, as good as they are, they are not immune to unanticipated network difficulties from time to time. If your Jio Sim is not working, try configuring an APN.

Create A New APN As Follows:

Name - Jio4G (You can name it)

APN - Jionet

Port - Not set

Proxy - Not set

Username -  Not set

Password - Not set

Server - 

MMS proxy - Not set

MMSC - Not set

MNC -  857, 863 or 874

MCC -  405

APN type - default

Authentication type -  No changes

Enable/Disable APN - Leave it unchanged

Bearer - Unspecified

APN protocol -  Ipv4/Ipv6

Mobile virtual network operator-  None

Jio Sim No signal Problem Fix?

If your JIO sim does not display a signal, then follow the procedures below:

  • If your phone has two SIM card slots, place your primary SIM card in the first slot.
  • The preferred network type must be set to LTE [Settings --->Mobile Networks ---> Preferred network type - 4G].
  • Users with dual-sim cards should designate Jio as their preferred data network by navigating to Mobile settings ---> Dual sim network management ---> Preferred data network - Jio.
  • We utilize this approach to solve our everyday smartphone issues. It's as easy as resetting your phone.
Jio Network Issue

How can I fix Jio Internet Not Working?

If your Jio mobile internet is not working and you are having trouble running Jio internet today, you must follow this procedure.

  • If your internet is not working, follow the steps below to enable Ping Test.
  • To begin, dial the USSD code ##4636#*# on your phone.
  • You will then see the Phone Info option on your mobile, which you must choose.
  • You must now choose Run Ping Test.
  • Check now to see if the Radio option is enabled.
  • Following that, the phone must be rebooted.
  • Your internet connection is now operational.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why suddenly Jio network is not working?

  • Check that the data is turned on on the Mobile Data screen.

  • Check that your network settings are correct and that you have selected SIM 1 as your primary data SIM.
  • Check that the phone is configured to work with the LTE network.

Jio network issue Today in Mumbai:

Reliance Jio internet issues are common in the state of Mumbai, therefore individuals here are experiencing more issues. If you're also from the state of Mumbai and you're experiencing Jio mobile network issues, then you may use the above-mentioned solution. 


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