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How To Reset Jio Fiber Router?- Simple Steps 2024

Jio Fiber Router: Hi friends welcome to my blog. Jio Fiber router used in Jio Giga fiber internet connection to deliver internet to client end. If you are a JioFiber internet subscriber, you must have a Jio Fiber router installed with your fiber internet line. Jio fiber router brands can be different for each subscriber depending on the internet plan and router models. You may need to update your wireless SSID network name and password after some time to keep your Wi-Fi network secure.

How To Reset Jio Fiber Router?
How To Reset Jio Fiber Router?

If you are unable to log in Jio Giga fiber router or you forget your login password after changing the default Jio Router then making the router resetting will help you. read the full article to know  Reset Jio Fiber Router.

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How To Reset Jio Fiber Router?

  • Turn on the Jio Router using the DC adaptor.

  • Connect the Jio WiFI router to the Jio Giga Fiber router Ethernet port using a WIFI or wired LAN cable.
  • Examine the Jio Router's default IP address and the login and password given on the sticker.

  • Open a web browser and type into the URL bar, then wait for the jio login screen to load.
  • For the first time, use the Jio Fiber default login "admin" and password "Jiocentrum," or if you have already changed the admin password, use it to log in to your router.
  • You will have access to all settings after you have accessed the router control panel.

  • Navigate to Administration-Maintenance -Backup and Restore.

  • To return the Jio Fibr router to its default settings, press the "Default" button.
  • You should get confirmation to return the router to its default settings.

    How To Reset Jio Fiber Router?
    How To Reset Jio Fiber Router?

It will take a minute for your router to reset and return to factory defaults. Use the router's default username and password to log in.

Use the menu path Admin > Maintenance >

Restore the router's settings from the backup file you made before resetting it.

You can use the hard reset method to reset your Jio Fiber router if you are unable to access the settings page because you have forgotten your login or password.

Reset Jio Fiber Router Using Reset Button

In the event that you forget your router's password and are unable to access its settings, every router and modem includes a built-in capability that allows you to do so. If you've lost your router's login information, you may reset it to factory settings using the button on the back. To return your Jio router to factory settings, please follow the steps outlined below.
How To Reset Jio Fiber Router?
How To Reset Jio Fiber Router?

  • If your Jio Fiber router is not connected to electricity, turn it on.
  • Depending on the Jio router type, look for a tiny reset switch near the power switch or an Ethernet connector.
  • Use the paper clip to push the reset switch, which is primarily within and has a little hole to push the button through.
  • Hold down the reset switch for 10-15 seconds then release it when the router restarts automatically.
  • It takes a few minutes to reset the Jio router to factory settings.
  • Ping, the IP address 192.168.29.l to validate the status of the reset router.
  • Login to the router again using the default settings and configure it according to your internet connection.

Hard resets must be performed physically near the router, however remote resets using the web interface are feasible; nevertheless, you may lose connectivity if the router is reset and restored to default settings. Do not try to reset the router remote since you will need to restore the configuration to acquire remote access again.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Jio fiber router admin password?

In the address bar of your browser, type Click Login after entering the User Name: admin & Password: Jiocentrum.


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