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Which Sim Is Best Jio Or Airtel? Speed, Plans, Quality 2024

Jio Or Airtel: The telecom sector has played a major role in contributing to the growth of the Indian economy by increasing its market share. Airtel and Jio are two of the leading telecom businesses in the world. Yet, when it comes to Airtel vs Jio, the latter is the better mobile service provider. In this essay, we will compare Airtel and Jio, taking into account all relevant factors.

Which Sim Is Best Jio Or Airtel?
Which Sim Is Best Jio Or Airtel?

Which Sim Is Best Jio Or Airtel?

Airtel vs Jio Speed:

This topic we'll go over is internet speed. Jio was named the worst mobile provider in 2020 because its internet download speed was much lower than that of Airtel, which was the second-fastest telecom business. Nevertheless, in 2021, Airtel overtook Jio as the fastest mobile service, with speeds of 20-25 Mbps.

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People, the download and upload speeds on a mobile phone are mostly determined by your location, as well as how distant you are from the tower and the number of trees in your area. All of these things are crucial. As a result, where you live, the download/upload speed on the Jio network may be faster than for Airtel.

Prepaid Plans Airtel Vs Jio

  • Airtel's prepaid rates range from Rs 19 to Rs 6999, while Jio's range from Rs 10 to Rs 5751.

  • These plans' features include unlimited calls, memberships to streaming platforms, and 3G and 4G internet access.
  • Airtel's top prepaid rates are Rs 719 for 84 days including a 1.5GB internet package.
  • Jio's prepaid plans start at Rs 719 for 84 days and include a 2 GB data plan, unlimited phone calls, and subscriptions to all Jio applications.
  • These are the prepaid plans of Airtel and Jio, as you can see.
  • Even if there is no different between the two mobile service providers, the advantages of Airtel much outweigh those of Jio.

Postpaid Plans Airtel vs Jio

  • Airtel's postpaid rates begin at Rs 999.
  • It offers unlimited free calls, 150 GB 3G or 4G internet plans, plus memberships to Amazon Prime and Disney Hot Star.
  • Jio has a postpaid plan of 999 with a 200 GB data plan.
  • Furthermore, Amazon Prime & Netflix memberships.

Airtel vs Jio Which Is Better?

Airtel and Jio are both leading telecom companies in India. But, in order to determine which is superior, we must consider the above factors:

Market share of Airtel VS Jio 

Let us now discuss market share. Airtel had a 31.63% market share in 2022 and is the country's second-largest mobile network provider in terms of market share, while Jio has a 36% market share.

Let me explain that the Department of Telecommunications has split India into 23 telecom circles, and Airtel and Jio are present in all of them.

Subscribers of Jio Vs Airtel:

In terms of subscriber numbers, Airtel has 326 million active users in India, whereas Jio has 408 million active subscribers.

Airtel has 491 million users worldwide, ranking second only to China Mobile Communication Cooperative. Jio, on the other hand, has only offered its services in India. It has not expanded its operations into other nations.


Overall, Airtel and Jio are the greatest telecom behemoths in India, offering fast internet, business plans, & regular rates. Yet, when it comes to picking the best, Jio loses out to the latter. But, as can be seen, Jio is not far behind. thank you for visiting my site.

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