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Jio 1GB Data Loan Number 2024 - USSD Code, Miss call number

Jio 1 GB Data Loan: Hi friends welcome to our post. If you are using ordinary data on your Jio sim, you do not need to be concerned because you have active data to access the Internet. Jio sends notifications before the validity period expires, allowing you to recharge your phone with the desired pack and continue using the services. But what happens if you don't have a data pack? What happens if you recharge your Jio phone with non-data recharge packs?

Jio 1GB Data Loan Number
Jio 1GB Data Loan Number

The Internet has become an important factor in everyone's life. We use it to do online transactions, send emails, utilize several applications throughout the day, and view movies. Assume, however, that you are not utilizing the Internet bundle or that you have reached your limit. In that scenario, you might apply for a Jio 1GB data loan in an emergency.

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What is Jio Data Loan?

Reliance has introduced a new option to help its customers by permitting them to borrow data at no extra cost when they are unable to recharge quickly. According to the plan, a user can use the service by obtaining 1GB of data via the MyJio application. It is also possible to start it by clicking the menu option and then selecting the "Emergency Data Loan" tab.

The emergency Jio 1GB data loan works on the principle of "Recharge Now and Pay Later." This is useful for folks who run out of data unexpectedly and find it tough to recharge. Simply said, you can receive a data loan once you've exhausted your existing data and pay it back later.

Pack Jio Data Loan
Emergency Data Loan 1GB, 2GB, 5GB
By SMS Missed Call To 1299
Customer Care Number 1800 891 9999
Network Reliance Jio

How To Get Jio 1GB Data Loan?

Jio is always offering new discounts and services that benefit its customers. Jio 1GB data loan was created for the same reason. If you squander your data viewing movies, and web series on the Internet, you should not quit in the middle of your amusement. If you're worried about running out of daily data, you can now borrow 1GB as an emergency loan.
Jio 1GB Data Loan Number
Jio 1GB Data Loan Number

  • First and foremost, download and install the My Jio app on your device.

  • Now, sign in using your Jio cell number.
  • Tap the menu in the upper left corner.
  • Proceed to "Emergency data loan" and continue.
  • Click the "receive emergency data loan" button.
  • You'll now see a banner that says "1GB High-Speed Data"; press to continue.
  • Click the Submit or Pay Later button.
  • Congrats! You will immediately receive a jio 1GB data loan.

How To Repay Jio Data Loan?

  • The MyJio app provides access to jio 1GB data loans. Users can use it immediately if they run out of data and are unable to recharge with another data pack.
  • Although there is no deadline for repaying the loan, Jio sends reminder messages.
  • The loan amount may be refunded by opening the MyJio app and going to the Emergency Data Vouchers option.
  • They can reimburse the sum by clicking the "Pay" option. If the user has an existing balance, it will be displayed, and then the amount can be repaid.

Who Is Eligible For Jio Data Loan?

Every Reliance Jio user is eligible for the Jio 1GB data loan.

The Jio 1GB data loan offer is not available to consumers who do not have a smartphone. Furthermore, there is no facility for recharging it for other numbers.

The Jio 1GB data loan is a boon for all customers since it refreshes the expended data pack with 1GB without charging anything.

However, keep in mind that the plan is only available through the MyJio app. You will get a total of 5GB as a data loan, which you may repay later.

How To Get A Jio Data Loan By Calling The Customer?

  • Reliance Jio customer service can assist you with any jio telecommunications issue.
  • So, to receive a Jio data loan on your Jio sim, phone Jio customer support and ask a customer service agent your question.
  • This is the preferred method for obtaining a Jio data loan number in order to obtain a  Jio 1GB data loan.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is jio data loan free?

No, you must reapply within a certain amount of time after receiving an emergency data loan. You would have to pay up to 25 for a 2GB of emergency data loan, which is the same as the Jio coupon.

How To Get Jio Data Loan Without MyJio App?

At the moment, only the MyJio app on a smartphone may be used to activate the Jio data loan. There is no way for consumers to activate the data loan other than through the app, such as through SMS or USSD code.

Jio 1GB Data Loan Validity:

The enabled jio emergency data loan pack will have the same validity as your action plan. The emergency data loan would cost Rs.15 and may be repaid using the My jio mobile application. Customers of Jio can utilize this service up to five times.


We have now reached the conclusion of this idea. In this section, we will explain in detail how to rapidly activate the Jio 1GB data loan service on your mobile phone. 

I hope that this guide has helped all Reliance Jio network subscribers acquire immediate data loans on their mobile phones. As a result, Jio network customers should read this page and appreciate its benefits.

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