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Jio DND Activation - How To Activate DND In Jio? 2024

Jio DND Activation: Hi folks welcome to my blog. I know you get a lot of phone calls that invade your privacy, and most of them are from so-called telecom firms. In actuality, they are generating money as you listen to those annoying advertisements for insurance, offers, plans, credit cards, and so on. You may prevent those calls by using the Do Not Disturb features. This service is simple to activate on your Jio number. And I've provided some suggestions to assist you.

Jio DND Activation
Jio DND Activation

What is DND?

I'm here to answer your most basic question. TRAI regulates DND to guarantee that everyone has the right to activate DND to get rid of those annoying adverts. By the way, you may also activate DND and live your life normally. You are once again disturbed by the absence of phone calls. I'm sure you've already gotten rid of those calls. 

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How To Activate DND In Jio?

DND is one of the main things everyone in India should do after receiving a new SIM card. When you obtain a new SIM card, telemarketing businesses begin bombarding you with unwanted phone calls and text messages. One approach to protect against this is to enable DND. DND is as simple to activate on Jio as it is on any other mobile operator in India. Remember that enabling DND does not ensure independence from spam calls or text messages in India, but it does prevent a significant number of them. Here's how to activate DND In Jio.


START<space>0  Send to 1909 from your Jio Mobile number.

By Call:

To enable complete DND, dial 1909 and follow the Instructions.

Via Jio App:

  • Open the MyJio app on your phone if you don't already have it.

  • On the top-left, tap the Hamburger symbol.
  • Select Settings.
  • Choose Service settings.
  • Select Do not disturb.
  • Turn on the switch next to Full DND.

Different Sectors:

The TRAI has identified a number of common methods through which spam calls and SMS are sent to Indian telecom users.
DND Sectors Activate Code
Insurance, Banking, Credit Cards, Financial Products START 1 to 1909
Real Estate related  START 2 to 1909
Educational  START 3 to 1909
Medical Related START 4 to 1909
Consumer Goods & Automobiles Calls & SMS START 5 to 1909
IT,  Entertainment, Communication, Broadcasting START 6 to 1909
Tourism  START 7 to 1909
These SMS Codes allow you to turn on Jio's Do Not Disturb feature on your phone. Visit your phone's messaging application to send any of the aforementioned SMSes. Put 1909 in the numeric input field, START 0 in the message box, and hit the send button.

TRAI established the 1909 service to prevent unwanted phone calls and text messages. Calling this number or sending an SMS will allow you to stop receiving any and all promotional spam, or just the specific sorts that you choose.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I check my DND status?

Check to see whether DND is enabled on the phone. This should be shown by an [DND] indicator or a stop sign on your display. Disable the Do Not Disturb function and try receiving calls again.

Does DND affect bank SMS?

The answer is no. Here's how it works: Registering in DND ensures that you do not get promotional SMS containing offers, discount coupons, or other information from unknown senders. You can, however, receive Transactional Messages to your cell number even if it is set to DND.


These are the simple way to activate DND in jio. We hope this Jio DND Activation post will help you. If you say yes then please share this DND post information with your friends. we are regularly updating our posts so keep following my blog for more Jio DND Activation Updates. If you have any inquiries, you may post them here. Thank you for visiting my blog.

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